Wednesday, February 15

When this house was a seasonal rental, this is what the dining room looked like.
We used this as our family dining room after we moved in for a month or two.  We added two leaves to the table to fit our family which pushed us out against the walls. Chairs constantly bumped and scraped the walls and I'd sit and look at the room and the marks all over the walls and try to figure out how to make it work for us.
I thought about a square table.

Or round.
And then I gave up the ideal of having a separate dining room and made it a sitting room.
More on that and where we do eat soon.
See that far wall up there?
See those massive windows that just a corner of is showing? Endless. Sunlight.
Those two words can pretty much sum up Florida life and as this room is so bright, I knew swathing that nook against the far wall in a rich charcoal would look wonderful.
So I did and it did (look wonderful).

This nook in our dining room soon-to-be-sitting-room because it is too small for our family is so much fun. I painted it a deep grey today and with gold sharpies (swoon) am drawing a giant bouquet on the wall. And yes, I painted this corner dark because i

And as things usually are when one walks around Target at Thanksgiving, I saw gold Sharpies and a lightbulb went off.  Must.  Have.  Sharpies.
Must have Sharpies and color on the charcoal wall.
Color on your walls. #sharpie  Photo by the 13 yr old fellow.

I cannot however, take all the ingenious credit for coloring on the walls because if you google it, you'll see it has been done before.
Now go get yourself some Sharpies and color away!  neon on white - ooooh!  or white on a black wall! or vice versa!  Then link to your photo.  I want to see it all!

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