Saturday, April 18

The Big Boy's Bedroom

This room was a lot of fun to do. I learned how to use an air nailer, cut and hang window casings and mouldings and I can't WAIT to show my boys. This is the only time I ever expect it to be so tidy. :) wait till you see what the inside of their closet lo

Just used this beast. It is half as big as I am and weighs almost as much. Had to sit on the board to hold it still but that miserable corner cut is done. #dewalt #DIY  The older two boys share a bedroom which we made from two small bedrooms about five years ago.  Life happened and it kind of lingered not-quite-done.
On a whim, I had them clean (it took All. Day.) and then we swept and got to work.  All remnants of cream to brown paints were dumped into a 5 gallon Lowes bucket and stirred until I liked how it looked.  I think in all, we used up about 8 part empty paint cans which was a wonderful feeling.  Less clutter on my paint shelf! 
The floor was painted a few years back and as hard as my boys play, I knew re-painting it was a hopeless cause.#Rug striping success. #diy #remodel  I did have a plain sisal rug which spent time in our living room and had stains.  Painter's tape, scrap paper and two cans of dark brown spray paint later and it had new life and new home in the boy's room.

The boys hooked up the air compressor for me and Aiden kept me stocked with nails in the air nailer whenever I shouted that, "hey, I'm out of ammo!" and with the compound miter saw humming and nailer popping, we finished the window casings, crown and floor mouldings.

Happiness for a nesting thrifty mama is dumping gallons and quarts of leftover #paint into a bucket and getting *just* the right color for the bigger boy's bedroom. Next up, tackling the air nailer (which I carry a healthy fear of) and figuring out trim a
Needs paint and a nothing a little white caulk won't hide. Hello trim! It's only been six years...

At this point I banned the boys from the room.  New bed frames (Wally-world online with free delivery), some time on the sewing machine sewing curtains for four windows and two pillow cases (fabric from Jo-ann's), freezer paper stencil artwork for above their beds ($3 yard sale bulletin boards)and a freehand Yoda on an old canvas and most of the room was done.  Simple bedding, I found at Target ($40 for it all) and also came across a clearance steel outdoor table ($16) which made me go, "hmmm..." and back to the toy department for a lego panel I had seen.

  Lego mat, super glue and clearance steel outdoor table = custom #lego table for my lego boy.Home with some super glue and a Lego table was born. 
Black bins (Target also) on shelves hold their clothes.

They loved my HGTV-esque reveal and altogether it cost about $300.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to posting in blog land again. I missed you!

A long-time reader,

Sherri from Illinois

Julian said...

Great job! Looks really good!

TheHumbleCoconut said...

The pic of you and the saw cracks me up. Who says Mamas can't do construction?! I love it! Involving the kids in the projects and making it a fun endeavor is REAL LIFE LEARNING! Making memories that will last a lifetime and inspire children to tinker and renovate their own spaces (with a determined heart and a frugal hand!)

BL said...

It looks great!!!!! Awesome Job! Very inspiring!

Unknown said...

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