Saturday, October 4

Weekly Menu

Busy helpers moving the canned goods. #pantry #canning #puttingfoodby Favorite time of year. #fall #autumn #leaves Stan Miga, the potato whisperer. We love this neighbor and his elderly sister who live together in a little house at the end of the road. Fresh from the earth. Good potato year. Harem pants and a knot beanie for the coming babe. #sewing @girlcharlee #35weeks

1. sweet babies helping me move the pantry into its new location off the kitchen is my favorite time of year in NY 3. Sean and our precious elderly retired farmer neighbor harvesting potatoes with an ancient horse drawn potato harvester that they rigged to the tractor 4. one huge red potato 5. sewing for the coming fellow

Sunday am - blueberry breakfast cake
lunch - homemade pasta and sauce

Take out chicken to brine and roast

Monday am - cereal
*roast chicken
lunch -  caramel cheesecake apple dip and slices, cheese slices, veggie slices
dinner - chicken spaghetti, tomato salad

Tuesday am - cream of wheat
lunch - yogurt with honey and granola
*midwife appointment
dinner - ginger garlic chicken soup with rice noodles

Wednesday am - peach cobbler oatmeal
lunch - cheddar cornmeal muffins, applesauce
dinner - sloppy joes, mashed potatoes

Thursday am - fried potato cakes and fried eggs
lunch - rutabaga fries, hotdogs
dinner - roasted butternut squash and carrots,

Friday am - scones
*bread dough to rise
lunch - jelly sandwiches
dinner - cheese potato smoked sausage casserole


Momma Bug said...

My favorite time of year too here in North Idaho - not so many reds as you get, but lots of golden hues! I was raised in the Sacramento Valley in northern California which is also very lovely, but in the fall the native colors are just dry and brown.

One of these days I'm going to take a hint from your meal plans friend. They seem so creative!

I love your itty-bitty boy jams too and can't wait to "meet" your new bundle :-)


Anonymous said...

Honesly.. there is nothing prettier than newly canned items on a shelf.. Well maybe clean clothes hanging on a line outside in the sun..
Thanks for the pic to brighten my day here at work.

Sue in NJ

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Do your menus include the entire meal? For instance, cornmeal muffins and applesauce for lunch, does that fill you and the kiddos up? Do you incorporate snacks? Just curious. I'm looking to simply our meals a little bit.