Sunday, October 19

Musings and Menu

Just five days until my due date, which means we could be meeting our new fellow any time now or soon in the next weeks. The weather in upstate New York has cooled, leaving a crisp bite in the fall air.  This morning we fired up the woodstove for the first all-day burning and warming of the living room side of the old house.  Sean made sourdough bread and sourdough pizzas so the opposite kitchen side stayed warm as well.
To take my mind off of being still pregnant and the largest I've ever been with child, Ella and I made a trip to the fabric store, I sewed Benjamin an outfit upcycling an ugly shirt and some Girl Charlee fabrics, finished a slouchy knit hat for Annaliese for Christmas, did some mending, traced a vintage apron onto new linen fabric an sewed up a new apron for the kitchen and began a crocheted camouflage hat for Andrew for his Christmas stocking.  In between, the kids and I watched some cooking shows an HGTV shows new on Netflix.  Sean worked outside for a good while and went bow hunting early this morning and evening.
Now, I'm sitting her contemplating this week's happenings and menu and wishing we had empty freezer space for freezer meals but thankful for freezers so full that there is no room.
rice pudding
cereal/muesli with fruit
baked cinnamon French toast with sourdough
corn muffins, hard boiled eggs
overnight oat groats with cinnamon and raisins

yogurt cups with granola, carrot slices
organic chicken nuggets, pasta salad
chicken soup, biscuits
baked potatoes with toppings
baked sweet potatoes, cheese slices, apple slices
Sonoma chicken salad

butternut soup, cornsticks
roasted veggies, grilled cheese, apple slices w dip
Tom Kha Gai soup, baking soda biscuits or sourdough
shepherds pie
meatballs on polenta
burrito bowls

#ravelry Treasure Slouch hat in wool for my girlie for Christmas. #knitting #justkeepingbusytillbabycomes Perfect rainy, cold #sewing morning. @girlcharlee fabrics #Blessed to bursting. The last of our sugar maple's glory till spring when they drip out sweet sap for us to boil. #38wks


Mrs.Cookin said...

An exciting time for your family! I will remember you in my prayers this week.

Janelle said...

You look beautiful! I can't wait to hear your good news! The foliage is so beautiful. My daughter, Mary has a birthday tomorrow (6) and I loved having a baby in the fall! Even though I don't know you, I have been praying for a healthy baby and a smooth delivery! Oh snd I was the biggest (six kiddos) for my October baby too!

Momma Bug said...

Well friend, I have to say you look pretty cute! I'll be praying you through the days ahead as you wait patiently, labor, and then receive your reward :-) I'm sending hugs your way.
Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures and projects!


Annie said...

The last picture is wonderful, so funny. And you look really beautiful.

When you're sewing all day and Sean is out working, what are the kiddos doing? Hanging out with you guys? Doing their own thing? Looking for some ideas, I guess, as the idea of sewing all day sounds wonderful but so improbable with littles underfoot.

Moriah Simonowich said...

These photos are absolutely breathtaking! Fall is a lovely time of year.