Sunday, October 26

Bits and a Menu

#Mantle tinkering with my new square #wreath made with old book pages cut into hickory leaves. I'm running out of areas to nest. Beautiful Annaliese. A few of my sparkle berry pickers. #eatlocal #wildfoods #foraging Hiking (waddling) and picking sparkle berries with our crew. How #sewing gets done. Which always makes things interesting. Yep. upload Naptime. For #baby toes. #sewing #leather #thisisfun #39.5wks
1. fall mantle with my grandmother's yellow glass and a wreath I made out of old book pages cut into hickory leaves.  The old skis we found in the rafters of our cellar. 2. beautiful Annaliese 3. some of my crew when we went out hiking to pick Autumn Olives 4. Autumn Olives 5. how sewing gets done 6. big baby belly 7. second attempt at sewing with leather - a cute suede and leather tote bag which I'll use in place of the traditional cutesy diaper bag 8. Benjamin napping in just about the same spot as where he was born 9. leather moccs for the new babe; first attempt at sewing with leather

Well, that due date came and went with no hoopla. :)  Still here, still pregnant and (cough) measuring six inches larger around the middle than I have in the past.  I don't know if this kiddo is just large or lying strange.  Time will tell.  I've been walking, cleaning, canning and lifting with no action. 
A few questions I've gotten have asked if I include snacks in my meal planning.  The answer is not usually.  Sometimes, but not always.  Usually I jot down ideas for lunches and plump them up with whatever is in the fridge, cheese slices, carrot sticks, fruit, applesauce, etc.  We don't snack throughout the day.  The kids have one snack at three each afternoon and that it all.

How do I get sewing done?  Well, first, I never get to sew all day. :)  Sewing is done in bits and pieces.  Usually during nap time or when the kids are playing outside.  Often, Benjamin is in the sewing room/office emptying drawers or playing with buttons.  Addie too, finds it one of her favorite places to explore and play so I always have company.  Benjamin likes to sit on my lap while I sew at the machine or dance on whatever fabric I have laid out, telling me, "nice, nice!"  Sewing is an adventure.  There is always a partially finished project waiting for a few minutes of free time.  Sewing is pretty much the same as anything else I do as a mama - there are always kids around joining me or keeping me company.

cereal with fruit and milk
applesauce muffins
apple scones
oat groats
oven French toast
banana oatmeal smoothies

yogurt with granola
cheese quesadillas, applesauce
fruit ambrosia, cheese and pepperoni slices, crackers
pasta e fagioli
baked potatoes

zucchini rice casserole, garlic roasted potatoes
butternut squash pasta
burrito bowls
German apple pancakes
creamy tomato basil pasta, greens
kheema on brown rice
roasted veggie and black bean burritos


Mrs Cookin said...

Those vintage skis are a pretty neat find!
What exactly are winter olives?
And you are stunning - due date or past - stunning. Well wishes for you in these next few days!

Corrie said...

Praying for you that all is well and you are enjoying a sweet new bundle. Blessings to your family!

A faithful reader,