Sunday, September 21

Weekly Menu

Trying a new recipe: Dutch #apple #pie.
Monday am - apple scones, melon
lunch - cheese quesadillas, carrot sticks,
dinner - chicken bacon casserole

Tuesday am - cereal
lunch - leftover chili and cornbread
dinner - venison leg roast, mashed potatoes
Soak oat groats overnight

Pie One. #apples #pie #applepie #baking #nofilter
Wednesday am - oat groats with raisins and honey
lunch - chicken nuggets, carrot salad
dinner - baked gnocchi
Pull out a chicken from freezer to roast

Thursday am - breakfast potatoes and fried eggs
lunch - fresh applesauce, biscuits
dinner - venison tacos, Spanish rice
Mix dry ingredients for zucchini bread and take zucchini out of freezer

Friday am - zucchini bread
lunch - leftover Spanish rice, fried eggs
Make pumpkin cinnamon rolls and let rise in fridge overnight

Saturday am - pumpkin cinnamon rolls
lunch -

Grocery List:
Red Grapes
Fresh Basil from CSA farm

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