Saturday, July 26

Summer Days

Beautifying a corner of the kitchen with a quick fun #watercolor and #stag antlers from a German flea market. #art #homemaking Our #CSA had all you can pick #flowers this week which is like a big fat kiss straight from God to me. "He is our peace, who has broken down every wall. He is our peace. He is our peace. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you. He is our peace. He is our peace." upload upload Transplanted some mint, swiss chard, sunflowers and beans along the new walk and bought some midnight coreopsis and seedum. Sasha the Killer and her girl Addie think all these fun steps and pretty spots are made just for them. I'm happy to let them think Berrying with five of my bunch. Picked some raspberry leaf also to dry for a vitamin c rich tea.
Today we're shopping for birthday gifts, Sean's old SUV wouldn't start so we're also running him to work, trim on the top of the house is getting scraped/painted, paint chips to shop-vav up, house to tidy, laundry to play catch up with, lesson plans to wo

Summer is beautifully bustling by.
House projects have been happening.
So has lots of fishing, walks, berrying, preserving and plan making together.
ALL the wood out back is processed thanks to some sweet friends.  Ten more facecord have been delivered so we'll be toasty all our long winter long.
Babe in the womb is growing and thriving.
Lesson plans for homeschooling are getting jotted down and books ordered and stacked on overflowing shelves.
This week we have house guests and the papa's birthday.
Hope your summer is lovely too.

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