Tuesday, July 1

Bookcase Door

Hmmm...the logistics of turning a door into a #bookcase. #weekendproject #DIY

Cleaning the homeschool room while trying to think of something more substantial than that inadequate little bookshelf and this door made me go, "hmmmmm...." and start googling.  I read too many spy novels with secret passages as a child. What I found was a lot of expensive kits and no brilliant ideas.

Addie girl and I went shopping. 
Lowes for some lumber. #doorbookcaseproject

My unprofessional way to determine shelf width and height was to pick one of the kid's largest school books.  It worked perfectly.

Finishing crown moulding. Then paint. #books #doorbookcaseproject

I used the compound saw for cutting the boards and pre-drilled the screw holes since it was just inexpensive pine boards.  Some salvages crowned moulding prettied up the top and bottom and a few coats of paint finished it off.

An immensely satisfying feeling. #books #bookcase #doorbookcaseproject #DIY #woodworking #homeschooling #doorbookcaseproject

Sean helped me re-hang the door and we gave it lots of test swings to see if books would stay on it. (smile) This door is used all day long.  It connects the two sides of the upstairs of our house.   Instead of a hallway between rooms, we have a closet.  Got to love old houses.
It's been a few weeks and the shelves are filling up with homeschool books and nothing has fallen off, which makes me a happy, pleased mama with a little extra valuable wall space and my kids have the secret passage I always dreamed of.


~ Shannon said...

Your new door is fantastic, Hannah! I think anyone who's ever loved reading has dreamed of such a passageway. :-) It looks marvelous, and is such a clever way to use the space!


Julian said...

Love! ;) Christina

Momma Bug said...

You are brilliant!
And I'd like a secret passage too thank-you-very-much:-)

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! ....reminds me of my childhood moments spent soaking up Nancy Drew books
-- Denise