Thursday, June 12

Rainbow Swiss chard and spinach from the garden with a orange-yolked fried egg from our hens on top makes breakfast.  After three days of rain the potatoes are up with their purple and green foliage and my children are getting a bit stir crazy.  So are the fifty-five meat chicks at home in the garage.
Afternoon #sewing with #vintage fabric for the 3 yr old who is exclaimednover the big pocket and declared it perfect for hiding food.

Babe in the belly makes his presence known each night with endless rolls, giving me a clue to his personality.  Chase, who turned six in May, snuggles up to my belly and talks about the baby, what he'll look like, how wonderful it is to have another brother, all the while resting his hand or head on his coming brother, feeling for the kicks from within.

Father's Day project in the works. Kiddos are enjoying naps and a movie on this rainy day. Chocolate and pretty colors make my soul breathe in deeply the quiet and peace.

Things around the house are always busy.  Last weekend our oldest two ran their first 5k and I turned a door in our homeschool room into a bookcase, solving the problem of needing space for books and not wanting to use up any more valuable floor space.  I never stop wishing to be able to snap my fingers and see all the house projects complete but it is instead, a slow process.  We have a gutted bathroom upstairs and a roofing project an unscrupulous contractor royally messed up, firewood to be split and odds and ends all over the house to be finished. 

An immensely satisfying feeling. #books #bookcase #doorbookcaseproject #DIY #woodworking #homeschooling

Unfortunately, the lyme disease we dealt with several years ago seems to be flaring up again in Sean and anyone who has had a chronically ill spouse understands the road we're on.  Good days and bad days. Getting a knowledgeable doctor is nigh near impossible, so pray for wisdom for us if you will. Life is a heavy thing to wake up to each day.  There are so many unknowns but praise God for His supernatural grace that covers my days.  I may not know where our income will come from in a year or where we'll live or how my husband's health will be but I know my Provider and Sustainer.

Back to home life, our school year officially wraps up with just the older kids needing to complete their math. Final reports are typed and ready to send in to the district, per NYS educational law.  In reality, we consider all of life year-round as learning and embrace it as such.  I've been giving our homeschool room where we hang out a lot a deep clean and organization and scouting for books I think the kids will enjoy.  Next year we have a 9th grader, 7th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader to register with our school district.  A lump comes into my throat here, at how big and grown up everyone is getting.  There is intense pressure to get it just right with education and parenting but then I remember the working of the Holy Spirit and breathe deeply a huge sigh of relief.  It is not all up to me.

I hope life is well full of His graces where you are too,

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Janelle said...

Aww! It's a boy! Congratulations! Benjamin will have a close in age brother.
We have close in age kiddos because next year I will have a tenth grader, eighth grader, fifth grader, fourth grader, and first grader. And of course the baby.
Every time think about my responsibility with home school I get a clutch of panic that I am a failure. So thankful God is there for us.
Hope you continue feeling well.

Momma Bug said...

Hannah, Your home and life is full of beauty. Thank you for sharing snippets!
I love your door bookcase - well done!
The part of your heart regarding a chronically ill spouse, that I relate to. What troopers these men, who meet each day with sense of duty and with grace - ever while waging battles in the war for health and healing. It is hard to watch, to know how to help, to know when to ignore that stinkin' malady and pretend everything is normal :-)

I'm no stranger to the ravages of Lymes in the lives of people I love very much. I'll be praying for Sean, for you, for a reprieve if that would glorify our Lord. I know you experience His favor in your lives - I'm ask Him to increase it more and more!

Hugs friend

Unknown said...

Hi Hannah, I must have missed the announcement... congratulations! Prayers for a healthy mum & babe :)

I had a friend sen me info couple years ago when we thought a family member might have been dealing with lyme. I saved it for just in case. Maybe you can make use of it. Supposedly she's good with the disease.

Maureen McShane M.D.
220 Tom Miller Road
Plattsburg, NY 12901

Blessings, Quinn

Anonymous said...

You may already know about this center, but a colleague of mine with chronic lyme disease has only wonderful things to say about her care there.

Chelsea said...

Sorry you are having to deal with a lyme flare up. My husband has MS and I have cancer and diabetes, so we definately know the whole "good day and bad day" situation. Praying for health and strength for you and yours.

Chelsea said...

Sorry you are having to deal with a Lyme flare up. My husband has MS and I have cancer and diabetes, so we definitely know the whole "good day / bad day" situation. Praying for health and strength for all of you.