Friday, May 9

Instagram Catch Up

If you follow me on instagram, thanks for keeping in touch.  You can come say "hello" and find my snippets of daily life - I'm Hannah Hagarty on instagram and in real life. :) Life is ever so, so full and so are our days. 
An evening by the lake was just what my soul needed. God's glory in creation, kids belly laughs, iced coffee , a handsome husband and the Spirit washing away the uglies of the week. The kids made a cute, lumpy #scarecrow to guard the #sunflower patch. #Birthday #blueberry #pie. #foodie #dessert Her new cut. Only way she'd let me take a pic is telling her I'd show Aunt @katiesgrasso and Lyla. Happy Second day of spring NY. I hope to never see you again. Waiting for the papa to get up. upload Ramps. Cattle on a thousand hills. This window bird feeder is a favorite entertainment. Crazy busy day. Somehow toast, #tea and story writing won out over the housework and week prep I ought to be doing. Oh well.
1. An evening by the lake.
2. Kiddos made a fantastic stumpy and frumpy little scarecrow for our sunflower patch.
3. Blueberry pie for a birthday boy.  Turning six is a big deal.
4. After playing with scissors, it was necessary for a summer bob for Addie Nan.
5. Spring Snow
6. Waiting for the Papa to get up
7. Ramp digging girl.  She's hard-core and eats them raw. 
8. Wild ramps in the woods.
9. Highland cattle.  Not ours.  I wish.
10. The window bird feeder is an endless source of entertainment.
11. A good quiet night at home.  Tea, cinnamon toast and my laptop.  Somehow I got myself hooked into writing a never-ending "goodnight" story for my little loves.  Think gargoyles, white dragons, an other world, and the NYC underground.  41,000 words later we're still going strong and each time the kids beg for more, I'm obliged to stretch my imagination past the daily insanity of mothering seven.


Michelle H said...

The bobbed hair is adorable! My nine year old took scissors to hers when she was around four, to get gum out. She said,"It's okay, just brush it and it will grow out", because of that darn Dora the Explorer doll with hair that "grew out" when you brushed it! I couldn't get mad, and fortunately her "short" hair was only to her shoulder - though I felt a bit sick until I could take it in, haha. Looks like you've been having a busy, but lovely, time!

Julian said...

Beautiful everything! Good to see you back. You have been missed!
Blessings, Christina