Tuesday, March 18


The last month or so, loosely scheduling the kid days has been a lifesaver from having bleary-eyed, stuck indoors because it's dark and gray and frigid outside kids driving me insane.  Let's be honest.  Six months of winter is getting old.

That said, I'm not a scheduled sort of person and it takes me a good hour every night to whip one up for everyone while watching a show with Sean.  The kids, however, LOVE this.  They are nearly giddy at knowing what to do next so I suppose it is something they've needed for this season.

Here's a look at our schedule for tomorrow.  If, perhaps, the sun comes out and warm breezes blow, I'm happy to toss it to the wind in favor of a walk or jump-roping outside.

Annaliese:                                                                 Andrew:

9       teeth, hair, laundry
9:30 copywork while Mama reads
10    Read Springtime in Britain, put away dishes
10:30 Human Body reading and report
11 read http://alturl.com/gfdxy, on blank country map identify countries involved, write a paragraph about story and what measures you think should be taken, present this after dinner
11:30  dish out yogurt for lunch, carrots and hummus
12      lunch
12:30 Outside play, load wood
1:30 Chase reads to you
2  Miracle of the White Stallions
3   http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/other/quickfix/arabic.shtml fruit ambrosia
3:30 empty dishwasher
4 Read and play games w Addie and Chase
After dinner: load dishwasher
9 teeth, hair, laundry
9:30 copywork while Mama reads
10 make a spelling list with Mama
10 :30 http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chinese/quickfix/basics.shtml:
11 math
12 lunch, load dishwasher
12:30 Outside play, load wood
1:30 Sugar Creek Gang reading
2    Miracle of the White Stallions
2:30 load wood outside
3   playmobils w Chase, fruit ambrosia
3:30  3d hand drawing
4   carving
4:30 help set up dinner
After dinner: load dishwasher


Aiden                                                                                        Eleanora

9 teeth, hair, laundry
9:30 copywork while Mama reads
10     math
10:30  read to me
11   LEGOS
11:30  3d hand drawing
12          lunch
12:30 Outside play
1:30 card game with Ella
2  Miracle of the White Stallions
3  put out plates and forks for dinner, fruit ambrosia
3:30 http://science.howstuffworks.com/robot.htm
4 mix dry ingredients for applesauce muffins for breakfast, set out plates for dinner
4:30 Play with Benjamin
After dinner:  wash down table and countertops
9 teeth, hair, laundry
9:30 Make scented water for wood stove
10 copywork while Mama reads, math
10:30 supervise Addie with water
11   water color paints
11:30  3d hand drawing
12 Lunch
12:30 Outside play
1:30 card game with Aiden
2       Miracle of the White Stallions
2:30 sweep/shovel off porches
3  fruit ambrosia, read to Mama
3:30  Put out cups and water for dinner
4 Stories with Annaliese
4:30  help with dinner
After dinner: Sweep kitchen and dining room


Chase                                                                     Addie Nan

9 teeth, hair, laundry
9:30 copywork while Mama reads
10          play with Addie
10:30 wipe down sinks and toilets
11  water color paints
11:30 puzzles
12        lunch
12:30   Outside play
1:30  read to Annaliese
2    Miracle of the White Stallions
2:30 wash the table for dinner
3 playmobils with Andrew
4  Stories with Annaliese
4:30 math game
After dinner: empty dishwasher
9 teeth, hair, laundry
9:30 copywork while Mama reads
10 play with Chase
10:30 wash kitchen stairs
11 water color paints
11:30  puzzles
12 lunch
12:30 outside play
1 Cedarmont sing a long
1:30 rest
2  Miracle of the White Stallions
3   fruit ambrosia, coloring
4  stories with Annaliese
4:30 math game with Chase
After dinner: empty dishwasher

For those as un-computer-savy as I, all I did was make a table with two sections in Word and add in my own times.  I find half hour increments work well for us.  I didn't make myself a schedule because pretty much it would say is wipe, feed, teach, clean and repeat, eh?







Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I'm not good at keeping a schedule. Making one yes, doing one no. But with 5 little people free time quickly turns into chaos. If I can ever follow a little schedule I'm sure I'll see the benefits and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. It's just getting myself to do it. So you make a new schedule every night?

Michelle H said...

Thank you! I've been needing to update our family schedule, but something was missing. I hadn't thought to write out individual plans! I really like this way, for one thing, letting the older kids know when exactly they'll be doing something with the younger kids will take away the sting of last minute, desperation-filled, "Hey, I need you to take (name of small, underfoot child) and DO something with him/her!" Instead, we can have something planned and begun with good attitudes. Small things like this make a huge difference!