Monday, March 3


Nearly every night when I head to bed, there are dishes in the sink.
They greet me there each morning, and, miraculously, the world doesn't come to an end because they lie unwashed.

Some nights, I pull things from the fridge and freezer and cupboards in a panic because the day was full and getting dinner prep done before noon just didn't happen. 
This is life.  It is not a death sentence.


I've put down the broom and let the floor stay crunchy because a certain five year old needed cheering up.
  026a I may not impress Martha or the Proverbs 31 woman, but I think I've done the right thing.

When I could be up doing those dishes, instead I indulge in something sweet with my husband and sit to watch a show with him and keep him company after our long day. 021

There is nearly always laundry, clean or dirty, waiting to be cycled through our washer and dryer or folded and put away.  You'll find it still there when friends are over and we're having tea.  I used to panic and rush to hide my neglected housekeeping but then I thought, "Darn it, I've got seven children and a husband who are happy and nourished."
 Real friends don't care about laundry piles.

One of the best times of tea with a friend was spent when she volunteered her laundry folding skills.  Love her so.

There are always bits of paint or glitter or leftover porridge stuck somewhere on the dining room table because we live here, do life here, and are in the middle of teaching toddlers and preschoolers to help wipe down the table. 
Perfection is not realistic in this stage of life, or any, I'm surmising.

I think anything that convinces you to focus on doing, instead of being, is horribly misguided though perhaps well intentioned.  It's taken me a long time to remain stress free over imperfect homemaking and rushed, crazy dinner hour but I think I can now boast in my weakness.  Menu plans are wonderful, as are housecleaning schedules, (I use both for sanity's sake) but they aren't the savior of my days. Christ is. 


~ Shannon said...


By valuing your family over a few chores, I think you *are* being a Proverbs 31 woman. I can't imagine the woman described in Proverbs 31 would have received praise from God had she neglected her family in order to maintain a spotless house! Actually, I don't think Proverbs 31 mentions anything about a clean house... ;-) There are countless little tasks required to run a household -- in postponing a few of them to care for your family, I think you are prioritizing eternal things over temporal things (because let's face it, a clean floor or empty laundry basket is VERY temporary! *wink*). Thank you for sharing so honestly; it is an encouragement to me to make sure I'm caring more for the little souls in my house than for my floors and windows.


Unknown said...

This is so refreshing. All this is the same here and could be written about my house, even though I only have 3 kids. :) It's still a struggle for me to sit, cuddle, and read a book to Quinn when dishes are piled high and laundry's covering the couch. But I'm learning that if I wait until the house is perfect to spend time doing such things, that quality time will never happen. And, I like to remind myself that the Prov. 31 woman had servants. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh!! Love, love this! The story of my life. While I try to keep up on things, it can't be all that I am defined as. Thanks for the confession. :-) I also had a sink, and counters full this morning..Yet have teething, sick babies to love. Guess the piles will have to wait. Let's not become weary in doing good. Thanks for the encouraging confession. :-)

Michelle H said...

Amen! It's taken me so many years to stop worrying about perfection - I'll never achieve it. Or rather, I will be brokenhearted when I do, because it will mean no children left at home! I'm not leaving my original comment(it was turning into a book), but it's too easy to get caught up in wanting to be the prov. 31 woman (getting caught up in wanting to be a "Martha") and forgetting that it was Mary's attention that Jesus praised.

Momma Bug said...

Smile smile smile :-)


Blondee said...

I always love to scan through the photos on a blog first, then go back and read what is written along with them. Just one of my quirks. Anyway, as I scrolled photo to photo, I could hear the hum of a happy home, the busy life of rearing children and loving your family. I smiled at the handprints and smudges on the front of the dryer...someday those won't be there and you will wish they were. How funny to go back and read your thoughts on prioritizing home life vs. housework. If you really look at those photos, all of the hard work is being done. Chores can always wait. :)

Kim said...

You are a wonderful mother and wife. This is the reason I enjoy your blog so much.....because its REAL! I like to read real-life blogs that show the imperfect side. I can related to your blog because I have 4 children at home, two grand children and a dog. My home has mud, snow, crummy floors :), lots and lots of dishes and laundry. This is a season. I will be home, one day, by myself with sparkling, boring, clean rooms! How sad.
Keep being real! I really don't like squeaky clean professional bloggers whose houses are white and perfect.
By Grace Alone,

mira said...

1) I have those same glasses! $6 on zenni a few years ago. love them.
2)when my pastor's wife (who happens to live across the street) visits, I am usually folding laundry or washing dishes while we sip our tea and chat. nothing like being "real"...

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Love it.

Julian said...

I agree with Kim. Thankyou for being real.;) It makes Christ shine brighter in you. :)

Kelli said...