Thursday, February 20

When mornings are rough you start with the favorite subject first. #art #homeschooling What great thing has God called you to?

The thing you are most passionate about might be God's revealing of  your gifting and that thing which brings you most quickly to your need for Christ might be His leading you to your calling.  Somehow, they usually interconnect; a marriage of passion and dependence.

I know there is something in your life that makes you weak-kneed. There is in everyone's story.  Helpless, hands thrown in the air, head bowed and shoulders shaking?  Yes, I'm there too some days.  I am so dependent on Him.
If the great things God calls us to do were easy, we would have no need for Him.  The great things I once thought I would do for God are not the same things He's called me to in this season. They seem so easy in comparison to the reality of today but I know, that whether we're working parents, stay at home moms, missionaries or pastors, we are all dependent on Jesus and each of us are in full-time ministry if we're following the path He sets before us.

Listening: Come to Me by Aaron Shust
                 Carry You by Amy Grant
                 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
                 I Will Worship - The Hallelujah Project

Reading: James 3
               Stay at Home Moms with Missionary Hearts
               Why the Battle for Joy is Really Worth It


Julian said...

Yes! Im there in my walk too!;) I am a shy person by nature until I get to know someone. God has called me to serve by handing out food to many hungry once a month at church. He has given me a heart for people and I am learning to overcome many things in my past to press forward.
I am also called to be a mom of 6, one having a dhd and aspbergers. I often think I'm not very qualified but remember that He gives us strength and encouragement to go on. He is our Strength when were weak. How we need Him! My prayer is to be what He created me to be, and to reach others for Him.
I especially like that song 1000 reasons by Matt Redmond. :)
That book about joy sounds wonderful! Have a good weekend. Keep warm. Spring will come soon!:)

Sarah said...

This was encouraging and thought provoking. It always brightens my day when I see one of your posts.