Friday, February 14

Week in Photos

Working on valentines for my kiddos. #Valentinesday means a big breakfast PARTY! Drooling. #vintagetruck People behind us on the beach took this photo of our family and then offered to text it to us. #siestakey #sunset upload 785 Sean challenged me to think of things to look forward to in heading back to NY. This is all I could come up with and #4 is pushing it.

1. Some valentines for my littles.
2. Sean and I had an afternoon date to a classic car museum, which was a whole lot of fun.
3. Our family at Siesta Key at sunset.
4. Heated pools are bliss.
5. I am going to miss these beachy sunsets. 
6. Sean challenged me to make a list of things to look forward back in cold NY.  This was all I could come up with.  Pray for me.


Julian said...

1. Good drawings and cute cards!
2.great date idea and love your shirt!
3.beautiful sun
4. Cute toes
6. Im praying! Lol

Julian said...

That comment was mine. I forgot to sign my name:)

Anna said...

I loved the year we spent in FL. Now I am back in snowy PA. I will make a list too :) Hang in there - spring will come.

Jo@simplybeingmum said...

Lovely post! Love the truck!