Tuesday, February 11

On music:

Ever since I can remember, I have loved music.
I was raised on a steady diet of Maranatha, Psalty, Galway and Steve Fry.

 In high school I participated in All-State chorus and was voted most musical in my graduating class. As a mother, I now find there is always someone willing to dance with me in the kitchen to Pandora or laugh when I begin belting out an oldie. There isn't a morning when music isn't playing in our home because I find it a wonderful welcome to the day.

059bwSean and I have been noticing, as our kids branch out into music appreciation, that they are learning doctrine from the Christian music they listen to.  This comes as no surprise.  We use music to learn everything from states and capitals to the catechism.  Music, or more so catchy tunes and lyrics, make things stick in our brains.
Now, just so you know I'm okay with being unpopular, I was one of those parents calling alert to Veggie Tales boiling the gospel down to moralism before the founder noticed what he'd done.  I took some heat over that and I'm willing to take some more, in order to say, a lot of the doctrine in the Christian songs we sing and listen to is false.


I caught myself singing a worshipful sounding song in the kitchen one morning and realized I was singing about man having to chase after God and what a wonderful thing that is.
A small example, but a good one.

We don't need to chase after God. 
He isn't elusive. 
He isn't running away from us.
God runs to us and chases after us, while we're still living in sin and are dirty and the antithesis of what He is.

Sean quipped that all song writers need to be theologians first.  I'd agree.

Now we find ourselves calling out songs on the radio when we're driving with the kids and saying, "Hey, guys, what do you think of that line they just sung?"
We don't ban the radio.
We use it to learn.
I think that's a fair assessment of the job of every parent, to teach kids to think rightly (Biblically) about the things in this world.
What do you think?


Julian said...

Yes. I do think so. They are bombarded with falseness and half truths everywhere.
I chose not to homeschool for different reasons but admire thoes that do. My husband and I make sure they know exactly what the Bible says and pray that we have taught them right. I have not heard any songs like that at our church with its contemporary worship but I will definitely be looking for them on the radio.
Although we are told to seek Him with our whole heart, Im so glad Hes there to be found and not somewhere else. :)

Michelle H said...

Good for you! I teach my kids similarly. I teach that a lot of the christian songs like these are mostly christian "pop" music - very catchy, but frequently inaccurate fluff. Rather like love songs that, when broken down, are not really about love. I am, however, so glad for many of the newer songs - it is really nice to have modern, upbeat music to lift the mood in the house on a too-drowsy winter day!

Momma Bug said...


We (AJ and I) talk often of the fact that there is much truth available in the Bible teaching and music we grew up with (and exists all around us), but that the EXTRAbiblical or omittance of certain truths are much harder to detect. They are subtle and create impressions that become beliefs. They can create a false understanding of God's character, and minimize the majesty (and reality) of who He is and His Power in our lives. Which in turn creates false expectations of what we have to do for Him and what He should do for us.

It's always ALWAYS easier to use a list or manual which refers to what is right and what is wrong, but to do so removes the opportunity for moment by moment relationship with our Lord - our friendship with Him. And it removes the opportunity for relationship with our children too, I'm sure, when there is a pat answer to refer to instead of delving into truth-discovery together.
The bottom line I try to bring every topic back to, is not a reduction to right/wrong, but "is this truth that strengthens my understanding of of who God is and how to relate to Him, and how does this affect my friendship with Jesus Christ?"

Parenting is awfully hard to be thoughtful about, but wow. Has my own faith grown by leaps as I take time to be thoughtful with my children about these kinds of things :-)

Hugs to you~

mira said...

hmm, I think my computer broke before my comment posted. this is the link to free music to download with lyrics straight from scripture. The couple led worship at my church growing up, and these songs are THE reason I know so many verses by heart. Free to download, free tabs, and even some songs translated into spanish! http://www.standfirm.us/ Wonderful homeschooling family with a heart for worship.

Jamie said...

My boys are required to memorize a hymn or a praise song to recite at our Classical Conversations home school group for presentations this week, and my oldest son wants to do a contemporary Christian song. He chose a song about following God. I just told him last night that we don't have to follow God because if we are in Christ we are united to Christ! I explained to him the difference between singing praises to God and about God, and how many "Christian" songs are "me" focused instead of Christ focused. We talk on a regular basis in our family about how the culture influences even Christians. If you notice, many Christian songs sing about us and our piety instead of about God and what He has done for us in Christ. It is a result of our narcissistic culture.