Friday, February 7

More of Florida and Why I love it So:

Fog is rolling in on the beach but the fish are still biting and it's still in the 80s so I'm staying put. I cant really draw and I was never was able to take art but I like to try because I want my kids to not be afraid of trying, or failure when they do try. I caught dinner. #fishing #florida #ilovethislife Fresh Sean-caught Mackerel for lunch. 146 140 138 139 122 101a
1. A foggy warm beach afternoon 2. covertly sketching the beach neighbor 3.the flounder I caught 4. Sean's Mackerel, so yum 5-10. cute beach kiddos


Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely.

Julian said...

Last summer we went to key Biscayne. It was beautiful. I love the water. So glad you and your family can enjoy this .