Tuesday, January 21

What we missed

What we missed is the sun. 

Now, this might seem silly, but until we packed the van and drove 1400 miles with seven children, eight pieces of luggage, a sewing machine, each size of knitting needles, tools, homeschool books enough meat to fill a freezer, and a dog named Bear, we had three, yes three, days of partial winter sun in upstate NY where we live.  Those days of sun came with sub-zero temps so we all vacillated between hovering by the stove and by the window.

Here, it is still a novelty, this being delightfully sun drenched.   It plays on the wall and with the silk and beads at the breakfast table.  The kids sprawl in it whilst doing their lessons.


It follows us everywhere.

"Oh no," I thought this afternoon, as the sky blackened and let loose a torrent of rain while Sean ran from Trader Joes to the van and delivered it to us sopping wet.  "Oh no," I thought but by the time he pulled the van round, it had slowed to a sprinkle and sky curtains parted making way for the sun.

  My northern eyes can't handle this much sunshine delight. #charlotte #feet #sun

We chuckled tonight, getting out of the van at Home Depot, bracing ourselves for the cold and pain and then there was none.  Just a warm evening breeze.

"You know those video games where there is an energy bar letting you know how much life is left in your character?" I said to Sean as we walked together tonight.  "Being in a place where there is light and warmth makes me feel like I'm soaking up energy and my bar is filling back up."

My apologies to my friends and family back home who are bracing for snow and more sub zero temps tonight.  There is a reason southerners are known for being friendly and New Yorkers are not and I've basked in that reason today. 


There is work to be done while we're here.  A broken pool heater to replace, doors to paint, a warped fan to swap out, yard work to tackle.  But, most likely, it will all be done in the sun.


Julian said...

I just have to laugh. Seven kids, luggage, school books ,meat to fill a freezer for a month ,and a dog named bear!:) sounds familiar. Yes the sun is glorious down south. I'm so glad I moved from up north. Look at all thoes oranges! Beautiful. Have a great time, and get lots done! Christina

Dawn said...

Enjoy that sun! We had sun in western NY today, but the temps were only single digits. Brrrrr!

Dawn said...

Enjoy that sun! We had sun in western NY today, but the temps were only single digits. Brrrrr!