Sunday, January 12

This Week:

We're getting ready for a big road trip, friends and family lined up to watch house and chickens, backpacks packed (we travel light-ish, well as light as nine people can travel) and I've got lists and lists to work my way through.  One for packing, one for foods and snacks, one for what-I-need-to-do-each-day.  Lists spell out sanity for me.
Tomorrow's begins with a vet visit for our elderly lab and a dentist visit for me.  The dentist is my least favorite place ever, ever, ever.  I had a multitude of dental issues (with teeth and dentist - think malpractice) this past summer and just noticed a filling has fallen out, so in I go, heart palpitating and get this taken care of before our trip.  Pray for me, yes?


Here we sit in the living room now; Sean reading from Lord of the Rings, Benjamin finishing raisins and pasta in his highchair and the dog laid out before the woodstove.  I noticed Oliver & S has 20% off their patterns right now.  I made this Star Wars top for Chase from one of their patterns and they high quality and very well designed.  I also appreciate the heavy duty paper they are printed on.

Our Eleanora has taken over in the bread making department and is keeping us well fed with this recipe, which is foolproof, for those of you not on a gf diet.

Ella watched a youtube video on #breadmaking and made this loaf of beauty for dinner.

And this, playing here, followed with some instagram pics.  If you're on instagram, let's meet up there!

Dusky Light #1000gifts
Best toy ever: box. Cuffs on a sweater. #knitting #endinsight Poppy sandwich rolls. Yummy. #bread #rolls #baking #organic

Hope your week is working out to be a lovely one!


Julian said...

I love everything! All the corners, cute moma made shirt, bedroom, girl made bread, and the song. Thankyou for sharing. Prayers for a safe journey travelling, and dentist appt.
Christina gomez

Momma Bug said...

I'm praying right now for that forthcoming dentists visit. I don't know who likes to see the dentist, but I am definitely one of those who'd like to run and hide if that were truly a better option than having the teeth problems fixed!
Teeth stuff takes years off my life.

I always enjoy your comfortable pictures of home and family Hannah.
Enjoy your travels!