Saturday, January 25

Myakka River State Park

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The Myakka River State Park kept us enthralled yesterday afternoon. Six dollars, really? Is that all this beauty costs to see? There was a walkway through the trees and a seventy five foot tower to climb. Climb, we did, and swayed above the trees and palms, Myakka River and lake in the distance, sand cranes and other birds we'll flip through the pages of a bird book to identify.  Gorgeous green and color everywhere.  From a bridge, alligators sunning themselves on one side of the river, Amish fishermen on the other.  Wild boars feeding with water fowl.  Arching palms made bridges and balance beans for the children.  Such a beautiful, beautiful feasting for the eyes.


Anonymous said...

I've thought many times how grateful I am for our state parks. We use them often for school. Note of trivia: the small ferns on the tree limbs are called ressurection ferns; sometimes they are dried out & brown, but when it rains they 'come back to life.'

Brandie said...

Looks like you all are having a wonderful time and getting to enjoy some beautiful sunshine too!! I enjoy your blog and your pictures so much…I just don't comment very often! :)