Sunday, January 5



oatcakes with butter and honey
almond smoothies
oatmeal breakfast smoothies
peanut butter toast
grapefruit halves, toast
blueberry scones
eggs poached in tomato sauce
pineapple, sweet potato hash and fried eggs
raisin bread
cream cheese omelet
soaked oat groats with blueberries and honey

clementines, ricecakes w cheese
tuna salad, crackers, apple slices
pear slices, blue cheese, dilly beans
carrot sticks, nachos, hummus
cucumber salad, cheese slices
brown ice salad
pickles, cheese slices
pineapple cole slaw
figs, goat cheese, almond butter
celery and peanut butter, raisin scones
yogurt, scones
homemade crackers, cream cheese and peach dip, carrot sticks

cheesy quiche, sautéed broccoli
baked potatoes, applesauce, cuke fennel pear salad
brown rice, pepper,eggplant coconut curry stir fry
French potato salad, grilled zucchini
veggie fried rice, kimchi
grilled portobellos,
bean and cheese burritos
cranberry sauce, carrots in butter sauce, biscuits
pitas, taboulleh
summer rolls w peanut sauce, rice w soy sauce
home fries, salmon
chicken, kale, Asian soup
miso soup, veg egg rolls

 bread starter
soak and can beans
grind flour

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