Thursday, January 30


Adding roughage to his diet by the handful. French pastry shop date St. Armand's Circle. I am surrounded by women birthing boys. One down, many more to go. #wool #knitting #homeschool prep and coffee upload Just wooed this precious boy to sleep in the cabin of a boat. Warm ocean breezes, kiddos playing, toes in sand kind of morning.
1. The boy eats sand and poops sand.  The end.  2. French macaroons in a little pastry shop on an afternoon out with Sean  3. Booties underway  4.Homeschooling away from home with the help of technology  5.A view I never tire of  6. The superwoman feeling of getting an active baby asleep on a boat  7.Art on the beach

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Julian said...

You look like you're having a great time! Florida is a beautiful state. Enjoy your time there soaking up lots of sand! Christina

Julian said...

It wouldnt let me edit. Soak up lots of sun;)!

Anonymous said...

I love the shot of him eating sand.. siting here in NJ with snow falling like crazy.. hearing in my head the crunch of a little kid eating sand.. Music to my ears..
Sue in NJ