Wednesday, January 15

Emptying the camera Card:

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Some photos from home life as plans for our road trip progress.  Sort of.  My dentist visit went pretty easy-peasy in a quick filling with no novacaine sort of way, rewarded by a browse of Goodwill.  We had a hitch put on the Great White Beast so we can tow a small platform trailer and in the midst of having a rear tail light fixed found out it was an expensive computer part needing replacement.  Ah, wasn't expecting that one.  Once our mechanic put the new part into place, he found it causes the computer to need to be reset by a dealer and that visit will be squeezed in the day we leave.

Our tablets are loaded with books and games and many a book on cd has been borrowed from the library and burned from librivox to make our trip with many littles a little more pleasant.  We usually drive through the night, and that helps too.  Tomorrow I'll pick up good dark chocolate with big chunks of nuts for a late night, driving on I-81, treat for myself. :)

I look forward to writing next from a much warmer climate.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Your home looks lovely and homey and inviting...enjoy your vacation.

Julian said...

Love all the beautiful corners and sweet kids. I went to the dentist today too,& need a filling. Oh yes. We took three of our six on a trip from Texas to Florida. Choc. Is a must! Good idea about the books on CD. I will be thinking of you.

rebi edel said...

Such great pictures!
Have a good and safe trip with lots of fun!