Friday, January 24

A Wild Beach and War Planes


After math and copy work was done this morning and some lunch was eaten, we piled kids, fishing gear, shell basket and buckets into the van and went to explore a local beach that has been left wild.
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My fisherman. #sketching #pencil #beach #fishing

Sean fished for a long while with Benjamin on his back.  The older boys took turns scooping shells from the gulf and dumping them on the sand, fishing through them to pull out little black and brown treasures.  Fossilized shark teeth for their collection.
Meanwhile, a WWII air show was happening nearby and warplanes quietly made a loop out over the gulf and came in low over us before landing.  Ella caught little crabs for Sean to use for bait. We all explored the rocks that the surf crashed against.  Pink and white shells, shark's teeth, bits of this and that from boats and the sea. A heart education in and of itself.

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Michelle H said...

How fun! Your sketch is wonderful!