Tuesday, December 3

New life for a discarded machine

About a year ago, I slowed my speed a bit on a local highway, spying a sewing machine case out with someone's trash.  We turned around and went back to check it out.  A piece of tape was holding a note to the top of the case, listing what parts were needed to fix it. 

I stashed it in the back of the van and it has sat in my sewing room ever since.

Aiden-fellow of mine fixes everything around here and so it was only a matter of time before his engineering/inventing eyes fell on the forlorn case in the corner of the sewing room and laid claim to it. 
I had never even opened it, so the blue-beauty was a nice surprise.


Aiden took it apart and checked out how everything moved inside, beautiful all metal gears and springs delight him.  He oiled and tinkered and explained what was happening to me, what was catching and what should be moving.

This is truly the best kind of *school* for him.

An hour or so later it was humming along as he sewed a pillow using it.  No new parts needed, just the workings of a delightful boy gifted at figuring things out.


Lucy said...

What a clever chap!

Michelle H said...

That is just so wonderful!! The best kind of school, and such a pretty, unique machine! What an extra little blessing.

Rebecca said...

wow. Can I have him?!?

That is impressive! (and yes- the best kind of school!)

Anonymous said...

What a gift your son has! Such a blessing! Beautiful blue sewing machine too!