Saturday, November 30



It's many years since I did this? 
Will I even remember how? 
I find myself hoping it's like bike riding and I'm not flat on my face, legs twisted underneath me like a fallen scarecrow in this farmer's field I'm trespassing. 
Cold fingers tie the laces and adjust the perky, green, knit beret on top of my head. 
Snow flies sideways. 
Inside Benjamin is napping in the warmth; Sean and the kids are upstairs at enamel homeschool table, processing a deer.  I feel a little badly, but it was he who urged me to get outside.
My fingers float in Sean's neoprene gloves. 
The snow is powder and fluff. 
It is fifteen degrees out but I realize I'm warm and catching my breath after crossing just one field.
Out. Of. Shape.
Yes, siree.
Good excuse to untuck the Canon from inside my coat. 
I want to remember the sun catching those crystal sparkles in the snow,
 these clouds pumping out snow to my right,
 and the silhouette of those trees along the hedgerow.
I want to count it all as a gift.
These northern winters have gotten harder in years past. 
Lots of littles, pregnancy and newborns have necessitated much time spent indoors.
But now... now I have older children who can hold down the fort for a bit and a husband who works partly from a home office.
My camera is tucked safely inside my coat once more, because I'm still not too steady on this slick-footed gear.
It's been ten years, I decide. 
Ten years since we took Annaliese and Andrew on our backs when they were our
only babes.

It has been good to get out in this lung-crisping air. 
My fingers are numb and I have warmth to head home to.

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rebi edel said...

This is lovely. I love to go for walks by myself. See what I met at the lakeside: