Wednesday, November 20


Peanut girl of mine. Toddler days of busy play while big siblings are doing #homeschool co-op classes are hard on her. Glad she settled into her little nest and found peace.

Moms, we've been told a bunch on how to protect our kids.  We know to put filters on the computers, not sit them in front of screens for hours, nice touch and bad touch, eat your veggies, brush your teeth, don't talk to strangers, be the first to talk to your kids about the birds and the bees, get chemicals out of their lives, no GMO's, breast or bottle, cloth or disposables, do this, don't do that...

Can I just say, all these voices are a little overwhelming? 

I spy...a warm squishy baby.

I just want to snuggle down this morning in a warm bed, watch the sun making lines on the wall, smile at Aiden popping his head in and out of the bedroom for the next step of pancake-making instructions, and kiss the soft heads that worm their way under covers to find me.  I want to listen as they tell me the wonders of their dreams from last night, what they found outside this morning while feeding the chickens, and their wild imaginations for the day ahead.

I want to breathe this breath of freshness and newness of day. Unstressed at the 14,986 things I'm supposed to be doing perfectly to be the perfect mother. 
My kids don't need a perfectly stressed mama. 

They need me.
We learned in history/art today about mosaics and made our own. Another fine example of why public schools wouldn't know what to do with our boys. Andrew made a #Samurai.
And there is only one voice I need leading and guiding me.  Unstressed.  Unburdened.  Unyoked from the world's expectations.

(and if you need a little chuckle, I just spelled that word "unyolked" and tipped my head wondering why blogger underlined it in red)

Here's to giving the boot to all the experts and letting the voices float away on the breezes.  Here's to reading His Word and quieting our hearts to listen.  Pray for me as I do these.


Momma Bug said...

if you likewise for me, friend.

enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts, Hannah. Praying for God's women to have quiet hearts to hear his voice...



Kim said...

Hi Hannah,
Would you share where you purchased your hanging chair? I want to sew one myself but haven't located a pattern that I like. I may end up purchasing one!
Thank you for sharing your days with me!
By Grace Alone,

Tonya Gunn said...

I just wanted to let you know how much your words resonate with me. It can be so easy to get caught up in what others say and don't just stop and listen.

Me said...

Oh yes, Momma Bug. :)

Yes, Natasha.

Kim, I bought ours at IKEA. It is super strong fabric and was only like $20.