Sunday, November 24


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It was an apple pancake with apple syrup, deep cleaning kid-closet, lavender soap cutting, sunshine loving, venison cutting-up, playing in the snow even though your nostrils are freezing sort of cold, cold Sunday. Sixteen degrees cold. Venison stew for dinner, the Papa reading stories, and the rambunctious boys settling down to bed with Tales from Sir Arthur on librivox playing on my phone.  The last load of eight (?) loads of laundry done and waiting to be put away as I type.

I often wish for a day with nothing to do, but I think that day is mythical.  Running a busy household is...busy.  Busy though it was, it was a lovely family day.

Of note, this is our first year making apple syrup.  Central NY had a bumper crop of apples this year and we have made everything under the sun with them, lastly, apple syrup.  It is made by simmering down fresh apple cider until it is thick.  It is quite delicious.  I've read that a spoonful stirred in hot water makes a great cup of hot cider, but I haven't tried it yet.

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