Monday, November 25

Meals and To-Do

soaked oat groats
breakfast cookies
cereal with bananas
rice pudding

venison stew w/ rice
rice cakes with melted cheese
peanut noodles, carrot sticks
tomato salad
tortellini salad with green onion, pepperoni, mozz, bell peppers and banana peppers

Shepherd's Pie
Fish tacos
Venison Daube, brown rice
pasta with sundried tomato sauce
mac and cheese, green salad

Pies for Thanksgiving:
two rustic apple pies
orange pumpkin
German chocolate
lemon, ricotta and almond cake

Asked about side dishes: I rarely make them.  Sometimes I'll open jars of pickles, applesauce, etc.  I usually try to do a nutritious main dish with a hearty filler, like rice, pasta, or potatoes that the kids can fill up on.  I don't have time to run around after lots of little side dishes. :)  Snacks are whatever happens to be around the house.  There is always fruit, nachos and salsa, crackers, veggies, cheese...

lemon ricotta
sliced almonds
fresh mozz
orange marmalade
bell pepper
chocolate chips

To Do:
pick up felt for Quiet Book
shop day after Thanksgiving for marked down turkeys
make yoghurt
finish knitting Christmas socks
sew dress for Christmas party
make Thanksgiving desserts

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Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I really enjoy your blog...your "voice"...your transparency is a blessing. I also appreciate these simple menus...I can get wrapped up in the "sides" sometimes..thinking I have nothing to serve and then ending up going out and buying dinner. (Which is almost always unsatisfying and way too expensive) Lately I've been keeping applesauce on hand for a side,'s always a hit. Especially with breakfast dinners! Have a blessed day...