Thursday, November 21

A Day in the Life with Sickies

Camphor and eucalyptus steam in the living room today with kids and quilts strewn about and a mischievous and giddy almost one year old mercilessly teasing those down for the count.  That was the set up all of today as a bunch of our group battles cold and flu symptoms.
There was cereal for breakfast and slow chores being done with lots of help from the un-sick kids.  A friend stopped over with a Cricut she had the fabulous idea to swap.  Sean is making her a wood bowl and Annaliese will get the Cricut for Christmas.

Benjamin had the boogers and crud earlier in the week and it has sadly made its way through. I spent Benjamin's short morning nap indulging in a new hobby - soap making!  I made a batch using our tallow, shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil and scented it with lavender.  It is wrapped in towels and aprons on the kitchen island for the night and tomorrow I'll unmold it and stack it on a drying rack in our closet.  This batch was a creamy yellow color.


Throughout the day we listened to Adventures in Odyssey and Your Story Hour, watched Thomas, Mr. Popper's Penguins, and James Herriot (on Netflix!).
I handed out elderberry soda (elderberry juice, seltzer and a pinch of sugar or honey).


A few of the kids made their way upstairs to play with clay and play dough.  I worked on new pages for my home binder and vacuumed.

Roofers showed up for another day's work putting a new metal roof on our garage and a few smaller roofs.  We managed to get all of the exterior of this old house painted over the summer, which is slightly amazing considering the work we put in at the cabin before it sold and our trip to Florida. There is a mess of trim waiting to be done come spring, but between the new paint and new roof, we're looking quite respectable, could you turn a blind eye to the myriad of toys across our two acres.

I poked my head outside and saw that Henny Penny, the buff orpington is still hanging out on our front porch.  She was brutally hen-pecked last week and rehabilitated whilst living in our kitchen for a few days.  Back in summer days I made a salve of comfrey, chickweed, beeswax, olive oil and plantain and used that to heal her head.  We have a small flock of Old English hens and roosters now and I've not figured out who the bully of the bunch is but she's the second red-head to get pecked so harshly and I can't help but take it personally.
Lunch was saltines with homemade peach jam, carrot sticks, popcorn, and tomato salad.  A neighbor has a CSA organic farm and gave us a bushel of green tomatoes about a month ago.  They've been lining our windowsills and ripening beautifully, yellow, red, purple and bright green.  I think we may still be eating fresh tomatoes into December!
Andrew wrapped in a coat and boots to take a look out in the woodshed at the deer Sean brought home last night.  I'm thankful for venison for the freezer.
Sean returned home from work around one, to begin his office work at home.  He's switched things up a bit with work and we all enjoy seeing him at home more often, even if he's working and needs to be left undisturbed.
The kids like getting to take lunch up to him in his office and say, "hello".  It is still a novelty having him home.
Speaking of home improvements, after living with painted, peeling layers of wall paper for six years, I bit the bullet and borrowed a steamer from a friend.  It was a week of dirty, nasty work but the layers in the living room are gone with a fresh creamy coat of paint in their wake.  We were expecting we'd find crumbling lathe and plaster underneath and were prepared to pay to have the walls drywalled or skim coated.  It was a wonderful surprise to find sheetrock under the wallpaper layers.  I was thrilled not to have plaster dust through my house. 

This sweet one is my size now, or nearly so. Annaliese turned thirteen in September and I have just a few inches on her.  It won't be long till I'm looking up to my firstborn.  So crazy, I tell you.  She's been busy writing songs, taking and editing photos, emailing friends and making jewelry to sell.  She is such a wonderful girl and I love having a young lady in the house. 
With the littles napping and the rest watching Mr. Popper, Aiden and I ran some errands.  Sean and I usually take one or two children with us if we're running out on "our own".  It is a great opportunity for intimate conversations and letting the kiddo shine with our individual attention.  Today we stopped by Ollie's for some organic cereal ($1.89 box), browsed their book selection and checked the toy stores, as Aiden has it in his mind to buy a train for his younger brother.
Dinner tonight was a hearty chicken potpie with cheddar biscuit crust.  I threw in lots of garlic to give everyone a boost.  Lately, when we've had leftover chicken and stock, I have been canning it.  It is so convenient, on days like this when my brain is stiff and numb from mothering, to not have to thaw out a mass of frozen-ness before making dinner.
Benjamin is usually content to crawl around the kitchen floor while I'm cooking, so long as I'm slipping him little tidbits of frozen pea or cheese when he makes the loop around the island back to me.
Sean had a meeting after dinner and while Thursdays are my usual mom's night here, I cancelled tonight in order not to spread whatever these lousy germs are.
Benjamin and Addie had baths in lavender and footies donned.
We all cuddled around the couch again, with library books and then worked our way into some of our own.  One of our favorites is Yonnie Wondernose, a story about a curious little Amish boy who gets handed a lot of responsibility.
Sean usually reads to the kids each night, which provides me a little time for sewing or whatnot.  He's recently worked through The Hobbit, On the Banks of Plum Creek, and is reading By the Shores of Silver Lake currently.
Stories read, laundry put away and another load started, the girls retired to their room with a librivox recording of The Swiss Family Robinson and boys to their room with sleepy heads and books.  Benjamin still sleeps near us and he was quite happy to burrow down into covers tonight.  Outside, white lights are twinkling on the porches and Sean is home safe again.


Momma Bug said...

That is a sick day anyone would be jealous of!

Wonderful, precious picture of your day. I love it.

Tasha said...

From the first time I found your blog I have felt a peace when I read it. You have a gift dear Hannah. I enjoyed this post so much. I totally forgot you even had sick little ones. I love days like this! I hope you all have a great weekend.