Saturday, October 5

Weekly Menu

Sunday am - coffee cake
lunch - pork roast, biscuits, salad

Monday am - croissants, cream of wheat
lunch - grapes, yogurts, hummus and crackers, carrot sticks
dinner - pork fried rice

Tuesday am - blueberry oatmeal breakfast scones
lunch - yogurt with granola
dinner -  skillet potatoes, onions, sausages, cheese, peppers, cilantro
Caroline: roast and scrape out pumpkins into pint canning jars
watch kiddos while Addie has doctor's app.
Make banana bread x2
wipe down kitchen ceiling lights with dry paper towels

Wednesday am - banana bread
Make bread dough
lunch - ham and cheese biscuits
dinner - tomato soup, grilled cheese
Elder's Meeting

Thursday am - cereal
Make pie dough x2
lunch - brown rice salad
dinner - roasted butternut squash fries, apple pie
Sean's folks

Friday am - cranberry, white chocolate scones, applesauce
lunch - smoothies, granola
dinner - ice skating, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread

Saturday am - pancakes
lunch - Grandma's Beef and Barley soup
dinner - tortellini salad

mixed frozen veg x2
burrito wraps

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