Sunday, August 4

The weekend and the weekly menu

Just back from a gorgeous evening walk with just Sean and a pooch and thinking of all the fullness of the weekend and looking ahead to a (hopefully) calmer week.
Date walk with my love.

I, who abhor dentistry, slept lousy all week dreaming of dry sockets and had a wisdom tooth pulled on Friday, pulled up my big girl pants, no pain meds, and took off with kiddos and Sean to visit our former cabin and the friends who now own it.  While we were enjoying seeing the changes the new owners are making and me with a half numb tongue, Annaliese, Ella and Addie happened into a nest of ground bees.  Sweet Annaliese and our Ella Bella Tella Zella were stung. 


Almost immediately, Ella started swelling and then complaining her chest hurt, coughing and wheezy breathing.  This mama's heart was in her throat.  We were a half mile hike back, off of three dirt roads in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal.  Ah, but we made it.  Hiked fast, kids in tow, Sean carrying Ella as her breathing worsened, a stop by my dad's for a couple of doses of Benadryl and to the care of the ER.

There is so much to be thankful for.  That Ella's breathing didn't stop, that she was only stung three times, that Addie didn't get stung at all, that Sean, who is terribly allergic and forgot his epi pen, didn't get stung, that Annaliese had no issue from her sting... on and on I keep thinking of things to praise God for.

So now you understand why a quiet week sounds nice. :)

Weekly Menu

Monday am - fried sourdough with apples
lunch - cilantro/lime rice, potato salad
snack - carrot sticks and tziki
dinner - homemade mac and cheese, salad
Grind flour

Tuesday am - cereal w bananas
Start sourdough x2
Ham out of freezer
lunch - tuna salad, home canned green beans, cheese
dinner - spinach and ham sourdough roll, rice salad
Beef stew out of freezer
Make yogurt

Wednesday am -  smoked salmon and potato breakfast casserole
lunch - yogurt with honey and granola
snack - Grandma Johnson's oatmeal raisin cookies
dinner - beef stroganoff, buttered carrots
Andrew's guitar lesson

Thursday am - scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives
lunch - baked beans, cheese sticks, applesauce
dinner - polenta and easy marinara, Italian sausage
Get milk

Friday am - granola and yogurt
lunch - fish sticks, canned nectarines
dinner - homemade cheese w honey, biscuits, canned beef stew

Sat am - pancakes
Ground beef out of freezer
lunch - antipasta
dinner - spaghetti and meatballs

bell pepper
cold cuts


Unknown said...

Here's to a quiet week indeed! Sending prayers for continued healing.

Rebecca said...

Praise God for his goodness! My heart was in my throat just reading that story!

Praise God.

Mrs. Mike and kids said...

Would you be interested in doing a post on how to make sour dough? I've always wondered how to make it. Just wondering, no biggie if you are to busy to.

flourgirl said...

What a horrifying experience! My own son has been diagnosed as allergic to stinging insects. He has never been stung, thank goodness, but I am always worried we may have the type of experience you have had. I am so relieved to know that everything turned out all right in the end. I hope that Ella is feeling better and not traumatized by the event.

I also wanted to ask about your fried sourdough and the sourdough rolls. Both sound delicious. Could you pass along your recipes or point me in the right direction? Thank you!

flourgirl said...

What a horrifying ordeal! I always worry about something similar to that with my son who is allergic to stinging insects. I'm so glad everyone is okay.

I was curious about the fried sourdough and the sourdough rolls. They sound delicious. Do you mind sharing your recipes or pointing me in the right direction for them? Thanks!