Saturday, August 3

Summer days slip by.
Swim lessons for kiddos at the beginning of each day.
Walks in hedgerows for blackberries and raspberries.

Blueberry picking by the bucketful.
Beautiful picking. Grown organically under $2 lb! Woohoo!



Friends for lunch and mom's group each Thursday night, us like camels to a watering hole.

Plans and fun for home lessons are being gathered.
A lake, the reprieve of gusting breezes, and plans for #homeschooling our crew this year.

Brown paper packages in the post.
Used book sales.
Tada! Fab new eight foot work space.
Spiffying up and beautifying nooks and spaces for light filled creating.
A garden gone mostly to rot with all the rain (it's okay, there are still berries and apples!) and
Trips to the Farmer's Market.
What is filling your summer days?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yea we are getting a lot of rot here too with the rain in the garden. tomatos are fine ( well it is jersey)
and the egg plant is beautiful.. spaghetti squash, not doing as well.

Sue in NJ