Monday, August 5

Around the Homestead

Makings of comfrey, plantain and chickweed salve. #herbal #medicinals #homesteading Our kids are open for business! Gorgeous sunflowers 2/$1. Can't beat that deal. :) Pretty toes and pretty shoes. Adding a little beauty to this wisdom tooth pulling morning of mine. Tada! Fab new eight foot work space. They are putting on a play. upload

1)Making time to learn more medicinals.  Here, comfrey, plantain and chickweed are made into a healing salve.
2) Our entrepreneur children go into business again.
3) Pretty (thrifted) shoes and toes for the morning of the tooth pull.
4) I amazed myself (hello, angles!) and my husband and built a lovely work space for the kiddos.
5) A couple of kiddos worked on play costumes.  There is always theatre in action in some corner of the house.
6) Sean turned a year older.  We spent the day visiting some gorges on the western part of our state.

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Mrs. Mike and kids said...

I love the picture of your happy family!