Monday, July 15

The Florida House pt. 1

How does one buy an investment property 1300 miles away?
With a father-in-law who is a contractor and Skype, that's how.
Sean's dad inspected the property we found on trulia and walked us through it via Skype on his phone.  We found this bank owned home and liked it because it looked different than the typical Florida homes we kept seeing, either ranches or new construction with a large garage on the front of the houses.  It was in decent condition and just needed some updates and cleaning up.
Here's what the Florida house looked like when we first saw it:


And after two weeks of work, inside and out, it looked like this when we left:
What we did on the exterior:
Had bees living in the eaves removed.
Killed fire ant hills.
Transplanted plants from the back of the house to the front.
Planted a few purchased perennials.
Pressure washed the sidewalk, driveway, and house.
Painted the front doors Behr Tropical Waters.
Cut out the palms in the landscaping (they are invasive).
Mowed the grass.
Laid weed cloth and cedar mulch.
Pruned back most of the plants.
Dug up and re-laid cement pavers that had sunk into the sandy soil.
Painted the outdoor shower.
Put new cement pavers in the outdoor shower.
Replaced door locks.
Replaced shower head in outdoor shower.
Painted exterior lamp post.


Momma Bug said...

I LOVE your blue doors! What fun!

Isn't it wonderful to dream?


Kelli said...

Where in Florida? Just curious. :)