Thursday, July 18

The Florida House - Dining Room

Dining Room Before
Dining Room After
Table (it expands) and seven chairs via craigslist for $245.  An additional chair from a consignment shop for $30 and another from Goodwill for $1.
Table runner from Goodwill.
Silk curtains that I already had and weren't in use.  I brought them down with us, hoping they'd fit one of the rooms and they went perfectly in the dining room with a quick hemming.
Window hardware is from  IKEA.  Sean and his dad accompanied me to IKEA and they were a lifesaver.  I had a list of everything I needed and they were out of some of the curtains I had planned on purchasing.  While I did math in my head and figured out the least expensive way to change curtain plans, I was able to hand Sean a list of all the window measurements.  He found and picked out all the rods and hardware for every window in the house and did an awesome job.  They are all simple and white and at a later time we can add finales to the ends if we want.
Tropical artwork -$3 Goodwill Bargain Barn
Four Carl Larsson framed prints (not shown) - $10 via craigslist

On our next trip down we plan on taking out the carpet because even though it is new, it is about the most impractical flooring for a dining area with children.

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Anonymous said...

What fun to creatively and economically furnish and decorate a different place! You're doing a great job! Will the house sit vacant while you're not there or will you rent it?