Saturday, July 13

not a farm but a tropical home:

Sometimes it takes me a while to get the message.

 Over the past three years we've searched and searched for a farm. Searched for a buyer for the cabin to finance buying a farm debt free. This was the plan! Oh, we walked so many fields and examined so many hundred year old barn beams and examined water supplies , wells and streams and fence lines and pastures. We read a lot of farming books and talked to many farmers. Meanwhile, central NY became a huge relocation point for Amish as they left Lancaster County, urban sprawl allowing them to sell farmland for millions and buy up farm after farm in our area.

Once we had a farm owner who wanted to swap with our land and cabin but pulled out the day we were to sign papers. And when we offered cash for another farm-finally! Cash to offer! The Amish bought that one too. After this ongoing synopsis became more and more laugheable, more and more futile and hilarious,  I turned to Sean and said, "I may be slow, but I get the feeling God does not want us on a farm here."

We believe God is intrinsically involved in the affairs of men, as scripture shows. And as we rested in Him and waited, God brought the perfect buyers for our Adirondack cabin and land and here we had money in hand, no farm to be found - that door so closed firmly for us. We put the money is a 1031exchange which meant we had a certain moment in time to reinvest...
So there is the long story.

The short story is that we bought a vacation rental in Florida, by my inlaws and are just now, as I peck this post out on my phone driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains, returning from two weeks of weeding exotic plants, fighting fire ants, catching lizards, swimming, decorating, furnishing, and all around beautifying a lovely tropical home fifteen minutes from the beach.
I can't wait to share photos and if you follow Cultivatinghome on instagram, none of this will be a surprise to you, you'll have seen what we've been up to.


~ Shannon said...

Ah, I've been wondering about all of your "Florida home" pins on Pinterest! Congrats on your new home -- I'm so glad you were able to find an alternative (albeit drastic) to your New York farm. I look forward to seeing pictures!

We used to live in Chester County, PA, just an hour from Lancaster. It's rather sad about the urban sprawl; apparently Lancaster county has some of the most fertile land in the world. I guess now we know where all the Amish are reloacting! :-)


Ningsie said...

Somehow this post encouraged me so much!

I'm a stranger to you; living in South East Asia; having a short sojourn in the North East USA for now. Came across your blog (can't remember how!) by accident years ago and love hearing stories of a large family, which is what I've always wanted but somehow God has not seen fit to give me....

God's plans are SO different from what we want... but they are good and they are best. May they always prevail.

Tasha said...

Well I have been wondering what happened to you. I will confess I am coveting your new rental. And funny you posted about this...God not wanting you to buy a farm. For years we have longed to buy land and move "out" to land to have animals and lead a different type of life. Struggle after struggle has come our way and we are really starting to feel country/farm life is not what is in His plan. Although we really do not have a clue. We are now on the Gulf Coast near family and learning a different life. I am so happy you find a home where FUN in the SUN will be had for many years to come. Congrats. The beach is my happy place.

Anonymous said...

So interesting! If you all (or y'all, since you're one of us Floridians now!) need tour guides or home schooling advice and are in our area of the state, drop me a line ;-D We are in Palm Beach County!

Michelle H said...

Crazy! I'm not on instagram, so I've definitely been wondering. Sounds like an adventure and it will be fun to see what you have been up to. Have been praying for you all, God is so weird sometimes, lol. As surprising as this change is to me, I can only imagine how surprising it was for you to make the realization!