Monday, July 15

Noosa finest yoghurt Review

Every once in a while I get to do a really fun review of a great product and Noosa finest yoghurt is one such review!
#noosa best yogurt ever

This yoghurt is SO delicious!  It is rich and thick and creamy and made in the Aussie style right here in the USA. (Have you noticed how much of our food is imported from China lately?  I sure have.)

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I first tried Noosa when I came across it in Target and noticed they made my favorite flavor, strawberry rhubarb, which I had not had since our trip to Germany and was unable to find in the USA.  Really, it is the yummiest yoghurt ever and when you take a look at their ingredients, you'll see why.  The only suggestion I could make to Noosa, is to (pretty please) use all organic ingredients for a healthier product.  Currently they use some organic products.

You might be obsessed with your yogurt when... Noosa sent us one of each of their flavors and we were giddy with delight to taste them all one day for lunch.  Strawberry rhubarb will always be my favorite but our kids liked them all and Sean enjoyed their new Passion Fruit yoghurt.
If you see Noosa on your store shelf, try it!  You can find a store that carries it at the bottom of their webpage.  If you don't see one near you, ask your local market to carry it.
Thank you, Noosa for the delightful and tasty product to review!

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