Saturday, May 11

When Mother's Day is Hard

A friend of mine went through seven years of infertility.  Seven mother's days with an empty womb and empty arms and the spare bedroom still shoved with junk and a desk and being called *the office* though at one time the walls had been painted baby blue, mocking her when she passed by.


An instagram friend holds mementos from her days as an expectant mother.  Hospital bands.  A small sock.  Photos and dried flowers.  Two pregnancies.  Two babies born still.  A mean wisp and hint of motherhood snatched from her aching arms.

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Then there are mother's who we miss because they've passed on, or live far away, or have hearts far away and Mother's Day is a day we'd like to skip because the reminders of what we don't have make hard remembering what we do.  A Day for Mother's shouldn't require moments of silence and stomach churning aches.

Ann writes eloquently why Mother's Day is for the Birds and I think about all the expectations I once had of motherhood passing swiftly under the current of my years of mothering.  Mothering is hard enough without losses and hurting friends who wish for motherhood and I wish I could wrap the mothers and women of the world in a great warm hug and wish love and hope on us all.


If you are aching this Mother's Day, my heart is with you.  His heart is with you  He is near to the broken-hearted and bottles silent wept tears and sends His Hope.  Hope for resurrection, hope for reconciliation and renewal, hope for babies and motherhood and crunchy floors underfoot.  Hope that makes no sense and is not a part of us but clings to us. 
I wish this Hope for you.
Happy Mother's Day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Wise, wonderful words that bring healing to those of us with that ache in their hearts. God Bless You Hanna. Father has given you courage as well as love enough to minister to hurts not spoken of. Thank you for your boldness.All my love.

Julian said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Sunflower Days said...

Beautiful words...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day dear Hannah.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you for remembering these women and offering them hope. I remembered them as well in an article I wrote:

God bless you!