Tuesday, May 28

The Deliveryman and Cursing

A box of fabric came by deliveryman last week, fabric for pillow covers and curtains for the girl's room, handed to me by the smiling deliveryman, the same deliveryman we often see.
"Do you love God?" he exuberantly asked, handing me the box and handing our two crazy, falling-over-in-love-with-him dogs some treats.
IMG_7213 "Yes, I do!" I replied, smiling, thinking how Sean had said he thought our deliveryman was a believer. 
(Isn't it something that sometimes you can just tell?)
"With all your heart?" he asked me next and at my affirmation, he went on to tell me how he'd asked a neighbor if he could pray with him, this neighbor with no hope and a very bad sickness eating away at his body.  You've got to love a deliveryman who will risk his job to ask to pray.  The neighbor consented and the deliveryman prayed and left and saw the neighbor again a week later.  This time he was eagerly invited in and shared the hope of salvation with my neighbor, that we all have an appointment with death that we can't evade, but because of the great love of God for us, we have hope for eternity...and here the deliveryman gave me that same gospel message as he gave my neighbor, (I think, to be sure I had heard it right).  :)  And so, an ordinary delivery man led another ordinary man in a hard place to Jesus last week on my road and teary eyed he and I rejoiced together on my porch, praising God, and how cool is it that I get to praise God and have fabric delivered all in one fell swoop?

Which got me to thinking of ordinary jobs, like deliveryman, and the extraordinary work of sharing God's love, not limited to preachers behind pulpits, but joyfully picked up by everyday people like you and me.  I heard one mom say that whenever she is congratulated on her children in public by strangers, she points them to Jesus and the cross and gives the glory to God and so I've been trying to do the same.  At first I stumbled and tripped over my words, like getting used to new shoes. If you stop to tell me my kids are so well behaved and I'll tell you parenting is hard work and that good you see is the goodness of God at work.  I might tell you how much prayer and dependency on God mothering requires. Oh, yes, you can get all bug-eyed, deer-in-headlights and I know you weren't expecting that.  I'll still smile and thank you and you can walk away.  But maybe you'll mention a grandmother who was religious but you never understood it, or ask me how I know anyone hears my prayers or whether I'm Catholic or Mormon.

The same day I was rejoicing over a neighbor meeting Jesus, I read a well-read Christian blogger who dropped a few curses mid-post for no reason but effect. I couldn't help but be struck by the stark contrast of one ordinary man risking his livelihood to lead a man to Christ and another Christian stepping into the image of the lost to boast in his freedom... to be able to mimic the lost?  Such stark contrast in the fruit.

Life is crazy busy here but I wanted to stop in and share my deliveryman's story.  Life is crazy, busy, and God is good.  I hope you're saturated in His goodness tonight too.  I hear a little voice upstairs needing me, so goodnight friends.


Momma Bug said...

Oh Hannah!

I love you. I'm so grateful that God is faithful to display how real He is, through average people He has given His grace and freedom to!

I want to be that.

I am learning, and more than ever I realize and am so thankful for His patient pursuing of me! Wow. The more I experience of it, I can't believe how GREAT His love it! I am in awe.

Right now I am coming to grips with my relationship with and to my children. How they are individual people - not a hoard of kids. How I MUST delight in them - and they must know I delight in them! How I need to be more transparent with them - to be honest of my sin and repent and receive their grace.
These are a few of the things which consume me these days.
Just wanted to ramble to you friend.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you guys for living in His love and grace.
Thanks for sharing your life in this vulnerable manner.

I appreciate it much.


Tasha said...

Thanks for sharing your story of the delivery man. I can remember when my twin boys were very young strangers would always make comments like, "Oh, dear God, how do you do it?" Or "God bless you". I would kindly say, "Yes, he did bless me or with God all things are possible".
It usually scared them off for some strange reason ;)

Julian said...

Thats a beautiful story. How we all need to point others to jesus. Thankyou for stopping here to encourage us! What a double gift day!

Chas said...

I wholeheartedly loved this post! I am rejoicing with you over the neighbor's salvation!
And I as well am broken hearted over the cursing of Christians. :(

(we're friends on instgram.)

Blondee said...

The irony of your kind delivery man, not just bringing goods, but also His good word. What a blessing.

Mrs. Mike and kids said...

That is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Hello Hannah, I've been following your blog for 3 years now, and slowly turning back to Jesus during that time. Its has given me encouragement to explore my faith and I'm pretty much there with TRULY believing with all my heart( I would love to bend your ear/email you with a few searching questions I have). I started attending church again with my husband and 4 children (ages 1 to 7) and the 2 older ones wrote a prayer last Sunday saying how much they love God.. amazing. The reason I tell you this is because it has been your blog that started and continues to encourage me in His direction...so you must see yourself as my *deliveryman* Sarah x

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Hannah, that is so awesome!

What a special thing to find that your deliveryman is a believer and is courageous too.


Ruth said...

Hannah, Thankyou! I cried wonderful tears of joy at the story you shared. Pray for me Hannah....please? My little village has many God loving people but there is also much darkness and hopelessness. I will be singing this coming Saturday in the park for our park festival a sog called Lord I need you by Matt Maher, and I would love prayer tat God would use this offeing to Him to pierce the darkness and save some souls! That the Holy Spirit woul rain down upon us. Look up the song on youtube if you've never heard it. Thanks again for the beautiful inspiratinal post.

~Kristin~ said...

Love this post!
Yesterday, our associate pastor, spoke of his time in Mali as a missionary. He told of a group of missionaries who decided iin order to connect with the lost Muslims, they would live, speak and pray like the Muslims. Our pastor said it was so disturbing. And reminded us that God did not send his son so that we could have a man who lived like us and sinned like us...He sent His Son in all of His glory and perfection, perfect, filled with all of the attributes that we needed to see so that we knew what to reach for. Not to sink down into worldly mannerisims. I hope that makes sense. Anyways love the side by side comparisons.

Carolyne said...

Loved this post today.......
Little people living their lives in everyday ways, making a difference for Eternity.

Katherine said...

Dear friend, I am SO weary and down trodden :(