Tuesday, May 7


He was dumping me a few loads of compost onto a new bed outside our bedroom windows.  Haltingly the tractor bucket would jerk and dump and I'd smooth the new earth into the bed with my hands.  Another load.  More smoothing.
I stood back startled.
That spot I had just smoothed had moved of it's own accord.
And what was that in the middle?
White fluff?
Nest all back in place with babies.

Then it hit me and I tried shouting over the noise of the departing tractor for Sean to come, while hurriedly moving aside the dirt, hoping all was not lost.
On the fourth or fifth call, he who is half deaf, heard, turned off the engine and came.


"Bunnies!"  I shouted exuberantly, holding up a handful of barely furred, eyes tight shut, warm little bodies.  One of the kids ran for a box as I counted them. 
Five alive.


One had sadly passed from the process of being toted around in a tractor bucket and dumped, nest and all into my lettuce and flower bed.
Knowing nothing about newborn bunnies, I knew enough to know I didn't have the skills to keep them alive.  We scooped up mama's nest, scouted out the area Sean had been digging in for signs of rabbit and found none, and so settled on a spot in the general area of the big old maple out front to relocate the nest and tuck the bunnies snug inside, building up walls of bark and extra hay.
And then we left them be.
Then next morning I was hoping the kids would have forgotten.

Sean dumped me a bucket of so soil and five bunnies tumbled out.

As a mother, you want to protect your children from needless pain.  We had talked about nature and how they might not live, how Mama Rabbit might not find the new nest area, how they might have been hurt in the dumping...
Of course the bunnies were the first question rolling of tongues that morning.
Around noon I finally consented to two of the older kids taking a peek. 

Morning sanity/refueling rituals. #bible #sketching #journaling

I stood in the kitchen, windows open with the breeze and heard their hoots and hollers all the way up the driveway.  Mama Rabbit had returned.  Bunnies were alive.
We've watched them for two weeks now.  Their eyes are open and they venture out of the nest, hopping about, burrowing in the new piles of compost we had delivered, climbing on top of it to view the world.
How big the wild bunnies have gotten.
What a sweet contribution to our spring nature study.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! :o)

Unknown said...

What little bundles of sweetness!! Soooo cute!

Unknown said...

They're gorgeous, and how good you are to save them even though they may eat your crops!

Julian said...

Oh my! Sweetness!

Debbie said...

Gorgeous! How lovely for the children to be able to examine these sweeties up close.