Thursday, May 23

A Week in Instagram

Progress. Finished skim coating, Sean primed and I painted. On to the floors. #remodeling #girlsroom #largefamily #largefamilylogistics It took Sean and I HOURS to figure out how to set this up. The wee one who knits, embroiders, & sews like a pro now weaves and how cute is that? #grannyElla Fun barn sale find. Two of these heavy wood *things* I'll paint and use for toy storage. $5 each #spanish connection night at our church's international campus. Benjamin is making the rounds. Serving Iranian Adas Polo (yum!) and praying with our children for Iranian pastor #saeedabedini who is imprisoned in Iran.  You can find out more at #savesaeed Best moms group ever in action.
Rainy day fun.
1. Progress in the girl's room remodel.
2. Eleanora turned seven and learned to weave on a new loom.
3. A barn sale produced two of these, which I plan on painting and using for toy storage.
4. Connection night at our church's International Campus.  Babies are the universal language.  A Karen mama and I signed and choked out a smiling conversation tonight over our baby's heads.
5. Adas Polo and prayers for Pastor Saeed, who is being tortured for his Christian faith in an Iranian prison.
6.  Woman's group bonfire out back.
7. Rainy day trip to the mall.  Carousel rides and soft pretzels for treats.


Jana said...

Love the color of your girls room! And the barn sale finds are truly awesome!

Tasha said...

LOVE the color of the girls' room. I am hoping you will share the color name.