Tuesday, May 14

A Week in Instagram

When you love your fruit trees and snow is due... He served me homemade Kouign Amann with my coffee, which is pretty much the best #mothersday # breakfast I could imagine. Love having a husband who knows his way around a pastry. #painting the girl's room and listening to Ravi Zacharias. You might be a country girl if... you've waited your whole life to be seven and own a bb gun. #futuretopshotstar

You might be a country girl if... Rain for the garden. Went antiquing with my family earlier today and picked up two adorable #vintage dresses for Addie. $3 each!

1.) Snow due in May so we covered the small fruit trees and made a fire under the two old apples.  Sean had read that smoke helps the blossoms survive frost, so we'll see.
2.) Mother's Day Kouign Amann made by Sean.
3.) Remodeling the girl's bedroom.
4.)  Ella turned seven, the age at which kids in our family can get their first BB gun.
5.) You might be a country girl if the tractor lulls you to sleep.
6.) Spring rains.
7.) Antiquing as a family on Mother's Day turned up little vintage dresses. $3 each and just Adalia's size.


Chas said...

Love this!

Michelle H said...

Ok, I thought the pink bb gun was cute, but being lulled to sleep by a tractor???? Too adorable!!!! Hope the fruit survives!

Momma Bug said...

Oh YES! Yay for pink BB guns and wonderfully precious girls!

Ah.. for the sheets. I was wondering if that was a new way to dry them :-D

Looks like Spring friend! Ennnnjoy.


Julian said...

Love to see the finished product of girls room. Fun with bb guns! I remember when my daughter wore vintage dresses like that. I loved it! Now shell be 15. Hope the fruit survives. Antique shopping on Mothers Day. My kinda gal!;) and oh my word that thing looks delicious!!!!!!

Renata said...

Lovely to visit & see your week in pictures!!
Have a lovely day