Sunday, April 21

Weekly Menu

Monday am - oat groats with cinnamon, raisins and honey
lunch - yogurt, cinnamon raisin toast
dinner- salad, hamburger heaven

Tuesday am - melon in coconut milk
soak beans
lunch - tzatziki w/ carrot and celery sticks, orange slices
dinner - salmon cakes with poached eggs and hollandaise

Wednesday am - cereal
begin stew
lunch - pasta, garlic bread
dinner - Lebanese lamb and bean stew
take out ground beef and pork
soak oat groats

Thursday am - banana bread oat groats
make meatballs
lunch - Hawaiian meatballs and rice
dinner - spaghetti and meatballs
Annaliese makes bread for tomorrow's breakfast
Mom's Night

Friday am - almond poppyseed bread
make sourdough pizza dough
lunch - polenta and marinara
dinner - roasted garlic and chicken white pizzas
soak pinto beans, take out ground beef

Saturday am - corncakes with honey
dinner - chili and cornbread
snack - popcorn, homemade vanilla sodas

sour cream x3
tomato paste - Roma's
orange juice concentrate

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