Sunday, April 7

Weekly Menu

Sunday am - cornmeal waffles with homemade maple syrup, strawberry banana smoothies
dinner - braised ribs, baked potatoes, garlic bread

Make twice baked potatoes to freeze

Monday am - yogurt with granola and honey
lunch - cheese quesadillas, nachos and hummus, pineapple
dinner - Thai Quinoa Salad, Emily's salmon
Make chicken spaghetti - one for us and one to send with Janiea

Tuesday am - cereal, orange slices
take out frozen pizza dough
lunch - Janiea! homemade pizzas, cinnamon churro chex mix
Dinner for Janiea's folks - twice baked potatoes, chicken spaghetti, choc. chips cookies
dinner - chicken spaghetti
Soak oat groats

Wednesday am - oat groats with raisins and honey
lunch - frozen rice, pork and beans
Andrew's guitar lesson
dinner - Lemak sweet potatoes and kangkong, brown rice, eggs
Sweet potato recipe is from these videos we've been watching, about twelve minutes in.
Start sourdough

Thursday am - apple cinnamon quinoa
lunch - yogurt, carrot sticks with homemade dill dip, nachos
dinner - BLT's on sourdough, applesauce, pickles
Mom's Night!
Take out pork for co-op class
Soak beans

Friday am - scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage
Co-op classes.  Sausage making. Garlic cheese Biscuit making.
lunch - tomato pie from Roma's
dinner - German sausages, sourdough bread, home canned red cabbage, baked beans


sour cream x2
green onion
gf spaghetti
organic blue corn nachos
regular spaghetti
red pepper x2

cinnamon chips
gf spaghetti
hot sauce
pizza sauce
red onion
Small foil pan w/ lid

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that you have Hannaford listed as a store.. Hopefully you will get a Bottom dollar in your area soon.. they are run by Hannaford and their prices are better than ADLI I think..

Sue in NJ