Tuesday, April 23

On Marriage

Sean only has half a head - hee hee.
I love Sean dearly.
I love that he is very often the goodness of God to me in person.
A long, long time ago a girlfriend and I sat in my minivan, headed north to the cabin with our small(er) load of children in the back rows, and talked about (the danger of) depending on our husband's for things we ought to depend on Christ for.  I have never forgotten that conversation or the truth of it.
Perhaps this wouldn't be an issue if Sean was not a believer, but he is. I often find myself re-evaluating whether I am putting undo burdens on him and whether the things I am depending on him for (safety, support, love, re-assurance, etc.) are things I ought to be more dependent on God for instead. 


Anonymous said...

God often meets our needs (that we present to Him) through other people. You are blessed to have a wonderful husband who listens to the spirit to fulfill your needs as God would have him do.

Anonymous said...

O, how I wish this was a longer post. I have lately been thinking about the same topic. I would love to know what your conclusions are..and how you seek to keep a healthy balance in your marriage.


Annie said...

Hm, very interesting. I've never thought of this, but will now. Thanks, as always.