Friday, April 26

Into the Woods

A few times now, Sean has given a ring, letting us know he can finish work slightly early.  I pack up dinner, if it's already made, or German sausages and a few cans of baked beans for campfire cooking, and we head up to the Adirondacks and the cabin.
IMG_7175 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7165 IMG_7163

Even though the snows have *just* melted in the woods, there are bits of green and life all around and our dirt road is firming up.  For now, we hike in, wagon, arms and backs laden with dinner, gold pan, baby - you know, the essentials.


  IMG_7161 IMG_7159 IMG_7158 IMG_7157 IMG_7151 IMG_7150 IMG_7147 IMG_7141 IMG_7143 IMG_7142 IMG_7183
On the way out, a stop and hug for Grandpa (my Dad), an inspection of his gardens, Fern herding his chickens and tempting fate with the rooster, sun dipping, tired and dirty kiddos, tired mama full of fresh air.
IMG_7182 IMG_7181 IMG_7180 IMG_7178 IMG_7168


Jennifer said...

A walk in the woods~how lovely!
I agree with the photo of your husband carrying a
hand-gun. Mine would do the same with spring bears... :)

Annie said...

Thanks Hannah. I love your posts of the walks you take and outside adventures you have. With two children with special needs that severely affect their ambulation, I have felt the lack of walks for almost a decade now.

And every time you post one, I think of it. It used to make me a little sad. Now, I think "AH, I can't wait till we do that!" :) God bless you and your beautiful family.

Momma Bug said...


I can smell and taste it all.

Back to the Far North in a week or two, and I can hardly wait to see children on fallen trees, over freshly melted snow streams, and digging out the camo pants again.

Change is nice.
I love seasons :-)

Reba said...

Looks like a very fun time in the woods.

I don't see the handgun picture anymore though, definitely seems prudent to be able to protect your family while walking the woods.