Tuesday, April 2

Day in Instagram

That's right, my friends. It has snowed in April. #anotherreasontoleaveNYSWe woke this morning to an stealthy in-the-night invasion of April snow, settled gently in place and immune to our discontent at its presence.
Later this week it'll warm and our cold, white companion of many months will hopefully be gone for good.

Benjamin Bunny is on growth spurt extraordinaire and has been content to enjoy my warmth and a full belly all the night through these past few nights.  He sports rolls and soft chub and (dare-I-hope) strawberry blond hair, so how could I be selfish with my sleep?

Finished this nook this afternoon and I do recommend it. My Pop-Pop gave me the gift of unconditional love when my dad couldn't.  Now my dad gives this gift too, so I've been quite blessed.

I finished this book, which I had begun pre-Benjamin, yesterday.  
It is good.  Really good.  I saw so much in this book.  I saw the life of a friend of mine who was raised being told she was fat and stupid.  I saw my letters from my Pop-Pop affirming and understanding.  I saw big holes in things I ought to be doing for my children, not out of guilt but just as a gift.  My view of parenting has changed drastically in the past few years.  Having been raised seeing lots of authoritative parenting, living by a list of rules, and taking a parenting class with a total us vs. them underlying theme - that is the way I parented for so many years.  Anyway, this isn't one of those books that tries to be a one-size fits all bandaid for parenting.  It isn't a band-aid sort of book.  It's not a everyone-competes-everyone-gets-a-trophy book either. Borrow it, buy it, read it.


   Since we were smitten with snow, I declared this morning a review game morning and tossed a generous heaping of geography, spelling, and math into the morning lesson salad bowl with M&Ms as prizes.  

Lunch: peanut noodles and Thai tea, orange slices.

Kiddos bundled and played outside while I readied a pork roast studded with garlic and a big pot of black beans and rice for dinner.

Inside, Addie down for a nap (fingers crossed).
Rainbow of legos poured upon the table. 


Annaliese nose-to-book, coming upon a recipe and asking to make it, doubled, of course. 
It is underway.


Little man fed while Chase rounded up saved cardboard tubes and 
I drew the inhabitants of a zoo to his specification.  
Wooden blocks out for walls and cages with Fisher Price people for zoo-keepers and a menagerie of wooden and plastic animals rounding up the whole affair.

This gem and a beautiful sister are coming for dinner.
Sean's got a customer stopping by for a new business venture.
Chiro appointment at four.

How is your day playing out?


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Slow slow day here...I find when I'm off work the structure goes out the window! I miss seeing piles of Legos everywhere...my youngest would play with them for hours upon hours...creating villages and war zones. His imagination was impressive. He's 15 now...and the Legos are passe. I'm way more sad than he is about it. :)

Dawn said...

I remember receiving a letter from my parents after they had read this years ago. They sought to affirm and encourage after years of authoritarian child rearing. It was a blessing.

Your little one is so dear.
Give him an extra squeeze and kiss from this old mimi.
D xo

Michelle H said...

We just got back from the doctor for our littlest one's fifteen month check. He asked if we were going to be having another one any time soon, this was seven, right? No, no baby news for me yet, my younger sister is pregnant with number twelve, though. Well, he hopes we do have more, he really likes us and our parenting. It's nice to hear and I'm thinking again of how much I've learned over the years. Then I read your blog with some coffee. I think we're similarly minded. My poor first boy was spanked SO much, my pastor at the time teaching that you had to "spank the fire out of them". It never felt right, but that was my heart and I shouldn't listen too much, it's easily deceived, right? (which, of course is true, but this was don't a case of that - fortunately my discernment has improved over time!) My first husband had divorced me for another woman and my boy's fire wasn't rebellion, it was pain. Pain at being abandoned, pain at seeing his dad be a better father to 'her' four boys, pain at seeing his mom in pain. So much pain in a little boy. Pain later when I remarried a good man because it then pained him to have this man be a better father to him than his own dad. Sorry this is long, but my point is that parenting is so much more about their hearts than their obedience, cooperativeness, how they make us "look", etc. Create in them a clean, healthy heart. So many bad behaviors are from pained or sad hearts. Spend time with them. I find if my kids are driving me crazy it's because I need tho spend MORE time with them, that the problem is more likely me developing a selfish attitude. I will find a copy of that book, it sounds good. I think I should finally start blogging again,too, haha. I deleted my old one, have a new one but haven't started writing again and I'm missing it.

Billie Jo said...

Hey Hannah!

I'm playing catch up on your blog :) I just downloaded The Blessing on my kindle, thanks for the suggestion! I'm really looking foward to reading it! I'm going to have to make some zoo animals on paper rolls, love new ideas!