Sunday, March 10

Weekly Menu

Monday am - cereal with bananas
lunch - pasta for Sean, cheese quesadillas for kiddos, apple slices, carrot sticks
Benjamin and Chase to Kelly's
dinner - BBQ pork, cornbread, canned baked beans, pickles
Can pork broth

Tuesday am - rice pudding, smoothies
Start sourdough calzone dough
Make ricotta
lunch - yogurt, crackers, cheese slices
Chiro appointment
dinner - calzones, salad

Wednesday am - orange julius
lunch - raspberry lemonade, cheese quesadillas
dinner - pork chops with apples, sour cream chocolate cake
Soak oat groats

Thursday am - oat groats with raisins and brown sugar
lunch - turkey tortellini soup
dinner - pork fried rice
Book Study

Friday am -
co-op lesson sign ups?
lunch - Hawaiian meatballs, brown rice
dinner - sourdough personal pizzas

Saturday am - pancakes
snack - homemade salami, cheese slices, carrot sticks, oranges, nachos and salsa
dinner -turkey potpies

mozz. x5
pepperoni x2
brown sugar
frozen raspberries
mix frozen veggies x2
orange juice concentrate
half and half
sour cream x2
chocolate x2


Bonnie said...

Not sure how you buy your pepperoni (junk filled stuff here), but a tip: Buying sandwich pepperoni and cutting it into quarters is WAY cheaper than buying it in little rounds.

And I LOVE reading your weekly menus!

Anonymous said...

Can I ask a silly question? What do you do with Pork broth???

sue in NJ

Me said...

Hi Bonnie,
Mostly I buy nitrite free or turkey pepperoni, so big deli slices aren't an option, at least not here local to me. Great tip though!
Pork broth is fantastic for bean soups/stews, baked beans, and risotto.