Monday, March 4

Weekly Menu

Monday am - sourdough cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, tea
lunch - blueberry yogurt, pretzels
dinner - roasted garlic potatoes, canned beets, horseradish hamburgers with blue cheese, chocolate pudding

Pick up milk and cheese.
Soak beans.

Tuesday am - rice pudding, orange slices
lunch - cheese quesadillas, canned nectarines
dinner - black bean pineapple soup, cornbread

Make ginger granola
Pick up cold cuts from Romas.

Wednesday am - granola with milk and fruit
lunch - field trip! Carrot sticks, cheese sticks, cold cuts.
dinner - baked apple pancakes

Thursday am - cereal with fruit
lunch - hot dogs, macaroni and cheese
dinner - corn pancakes with honey and toasted walnuts

Friday am - cinnamon raisin oat groats with honey, fresh pineapple
lunch - yogurt, nachos
dinner - sourdough pepperoni pizzas, salad

Saturday am - coconut flour pancakes, smoothies
snack- nachos and salsa
dinner - cheese quesadillas, spanish rice

Sunday am - corncakes, fresh pineapple
dinner - slow cooked bbq meat roast and roasted veggies

white choc. chips
black pepper

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Momma Bug said...

Hannah, You have such an interesting menu. I really need to pay more attention to it so I can gain inspiration for my own.
Well done!