Tuesday, March 26

Thursday Night Mom's Group

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The best thing I've done all winter, and yes, it is still winter here in upstate New York...the best thing I've done all winter was decide on a whim, with no forethought and lots of vulnerability, to open our busy home every Thursday night. My friend Amy and the chunka.
I love that my mama friends are from different backgrounds and each of our stories shows the hand of God at work in imperfection.
  White out on our hill.
I love that we are different ages and have different amounts of kids and no more than three or so of us attend the same church but the living room is full and conversation flows easily even with babies in attendance and someone is always quick to offer to hold Benjamin if he's fussing.  I love that there isn't any gossip and we're able to support each other in parenting and marriage. 
How I got our toddler still enough for some housework to get done.
I love a few older and wiser women have joined us and that this week an older mama friend of mine came and opened her heart and her life and her past and present to us and told us not to obsess about housework, to rest if we can during the day so we have some life left in us for when our husbands get home, to sow the Word of God into our children's hearts and that if they stray that those words will work in their hearts because the Word of God does not return empty-handed.  These and other nuggets of wisdom, I'm still thinking on and figuring out how to apply.

Cute babies. Eli and Benjamin.
My life is not gems and roses but I am very blessed in so many ways and I am counting these Thursday night get-togethers after all our kids are in bed or being watched by spouses, cup of hot tea or coffee in hand, as a very real example of God's goodness in my life.


Mandi said...

Love this. What you have is a blessing and it seems those times come more often once we "let go" and just do it. :)

Anna said...

What a wonderful thing!
I would love more info about how you organize (or don't organize) your time together. I'm interested in starting something like this in my own home, but not quite sure where/how to start.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Julian said...


Alison P. said...

Oh so jealous. Wish I lived close and could come. Would love to be a part of something like that. Enjoy. Beautiful pictures.

Sarah said...

Wish very much I lived a few thousand miles nearer, would love to join you all. Sarah xxx

Tonya said...

Love it! Ours is Tuesday nights, and I have felt blessed beyond measure at the women the Lord has graciously brought into my life this last year. We need fellowship and wisdom more often than we might admit sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

I wondered how your mom's group was going. I would love to hear more of the insights that you all glean from each other. Loved seeing the babies. :o) Thanks for sharing this.

TexasNeals said...

my momma-heart yearns for something. hospitality is such a challenge for me as i am very insecure. i know this would bless me as well as many of my friends. i am willing to be vulnerable and open my home....could you give me some tips as to how you got it started and what you do once it starts? :)